It’s important in this day and age to use the power of technology to your advantage. You need to save time and money by making the most of the resources available to you to stay competitive and up-to-date. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the floppy diskette save icons are confusing to younger users because they never used a floppy? Technological advances happen quickly and you have to keep up. For Canadians interested in buying and selling U.S. real estate, the internet is a powerful resource. The only issue is, finding the right sites for U.S. real estate property deals. You can spend a lot of time on the internet without actually getting the information you are looking for. It can be extremely time consuming to perform U.S. real estate market research if you don’t know where to look.

Market Research Websites: One of the best online resources for U.S. real estate market research is Zillow, a virtual U.S. real estate platform. If you are interested in digging up some market information in a U.S. area or just want to look at some neighbourhood comparable pricing, the Zillow website can be an amazing resource. Zillow has also recently announced the acquisition of HotPads, which will only further extend their database of U.S. property. Another fantastic resource is the Trulia website. On this site, you will find U.S. property listings, market information and even property evaluation downloadable apps.If you are a Canadian interested in U.S. real estate, you don’t necessarily have to travel to the U.S. to find property and close deals. It’s wise to consult someone with experience but you can perform due diligence with the right resources. I also like to search Marcus and Millichap once I’m seriously considering a particular market to get in-depth research reports on trends and upcoming predictions.4

Network: Find U.S. investor community forums to meet other like-minded individuals. It is always useful, especially in real estate, to network with industry contacts.Many people will log into blogs and communicate with other investors. You can share ideas, experiences or ask other people questions. You would be surprised at how much you can learn. Of course, make sure to double-check any information before you act on it. It’s important to verify your facts.

Free DIY Training: OK, so this may seem like a shameless plug but I defy you to find any such open-source amazing content as the training offered through our learning portal. It’s awesome.

Instant Notification: Did you know you can sign up for news alerts or demographic information with most websites nowadays? If there is a certain market you are interested in or following, you may want to consider signing up for regular alert emails to always stay on top of new information. That way, you are really leveraging the convenience of the internet.

There are so many resources that you can take advantage of so don’t get too bogged down by research. When you’re ready to take the plunge, the most important factors are running the numbers and checking with someone who has gone through the process before so you avoid those embarrassing and expensive mistakes.

Steve Martel is a serial 8-figures/yr business magnet, real estate mogul, millionaire philanthropist, author, educator, public figure & happily married father of 4 little munchkins under 10. His teachings and concepts have revolutionized the lives of over 100,000 entrepreneurs around the world and he has consulted 428 clients who’ve collectively created businesses worth over $560 million in the last 5 years alone.

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