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Long-Term or Short-Term?

I was very recently considering selling my home. The thing is, though, I was sitting on the fence with my legs dangling down one side, not quite 100% sure about whether I should sell it, hang onto it, rent it out – whatever. It was heavy on my mind.

One weekend, I was visiting this beautiful and strange antique store along highway 15 with my mom when she started doing that thing that moms do: talking about me. I let it happen – it took me a while to learn that lesson – and sure enough, the subject of my house came up.

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“I’m 30 Years Old, Mom…”

Turns out the owner of the store knew the perfect agent to help me out. I smiled, nodded, and figured that everyone must know the best real estate agent, but okay sure. I walked out of there with a business card and a handwritten phone number on it, figuring I’d just acquired a new bookmark.

After getting home and having some lunch, clarity returned: “what’ve you got to lose?”

I had nothing to lose.

I took my new bookmark out of my pocket and gave the number on the card a ring. I didn’t have all “the papers” with me – I just wanted to chat and see what this agent was all about.

It was a surprisingly pleasant conversation. I answered some questions, didn’t get grilled for not having the property tax forms in front of me and all that, had a few laughs and the next thing I knew, I had a meeting set up for the morning. I didn’t feel tricked – I was looking forward to it.

They showed up about 10 seconds early. I made them coffee (I make great coffee – I wanted to get the upper hand right off the bat), and we took our stroll around the place. All the while, they asked me questions about the house, about me, about things I hadn’t even thought of.

I could tell they were the real deal.

Finally, we sat down for the big talk. I was blown away by what they said, though:

“You might want to hold onto the place. Put some art up on the walls. Make it yours.”

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I asked them point-blank: “But… don’t you only make money if I sell? I didn’t sign anything before you came over.”

That’s right, they said. But they believed that it was in my best interests to not sell.

The visit cost me two cups of coffee, but I’d make it for them a hundred times over.

They could have steered me towards selling the house, and because I was on the fence, I might have gone along with it. They would have made their commission, but what if a year later, I’d realized that I had made a big mistake. Do you think I’d be inclined to refer them, if that was the case?

No way. But now, as I write this article in the cozy living room of the house they recommended I hold onto, will I refer them any chance I get?

Absolutely. They made a conscious decision to preserve their credibility as real estate agents rather than make a sale – and that decision secured not only my referrals, but my business; whenever I do get around to selling this place, you know who I’m gonna call…

…please don’t say “Ghostbusters!”

They invested in the Long-Term success, not the Short-Term success, and that style of doing business typically is the way to go. Whether it’s reputation-building, minimizing staff turnover, or Black-Hat vs. White-Hat SEO, Long-Term business mentality is the way to go.

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