6 Social Media Marketing Tactics That Bring in Sales

Are you wasting time on Facebook or making sales? Here's how you know the difference.Most people on social media wind up wasting time because they don't have a solid social media strategy in place. The question is: how do you use social media to find more customers...

Experts Echo Martel Strategy

For Americans, this is not good news.  For Canadians, it's a windfall! I watched an incredible interview on the Washington Post business channel where respected analyst Robert Wetenhall confirmed his belief (and ours) that U.S. housing prices haven't bottomed out yet....

Astonishing Stats!

  First, a question. Where in Canada can you find an affordable home that you can purchase, then with whatever restoration is required, taxes, property management fees, etc. actually still have enough left over to create real cash flow? According to this, the answer...

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