The Bronze Coaching Program

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Step-by-Step Real Estate Wealth Coaching

Full Real estate 8 Week Intensive program offers all the core information from the famous (and outrageously priced) “full load” coaching program to get maximum returns on YOUR money and gain your financial freedom… in the most exciting and profitable training program ever!

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The Bronze Program has been successfully used by thousands around the world and is claimed to be "The Most Success Driven Real Estate Course in The World" by Coaching Programs Daily for acquiring undervalued real estate in Emerging Markets across North America.

9 Hours of Online Step-By-Step Modular Education

As a Bronze Coaching member, you'll get six weeks of online modular education to learn Steve's top proven Real Estate Investor and Business owner strategies. You will get Steve's step-by-step guide to buying real estate in a simple and amazingly straightforward way to follow along and apply in your own life.

Unlimited Support With Steve Martel

Never be left alone with world renowned support via weekly updates with Steve Martel, unlimited email support with Steve's Acquisitions team and access to thousands of successful fellow real estate investors on our members online private community.

Ultimate Investor Resource Library

Gain access to the most extensive library of real estate resources with business templates, property package templates, contracts, checklists, financial spreadsheets and more right at your fingertips. You get every business solutions right in your member resource library.

The 4 Pillars of the Bronze Coaching Program
The Bronze Coaching Program is designed to show you everything there is to know about buying Real Estate as an investment, support you every step of the way and give you every tool, template and resource necessary to fast track your success. With complete actionable 8-Week modular training and built-in support resources, you gain the hands-on practical solutions to implement and succeed as a real estate investor. Steve pulls back the curtain on every aspect of real estate wealth from strategies and markets to technology and formulas so you have every advantage of his hard-won wisdom to achieve your financial freedom..
8 Week Actionable Modular Education

Instant 24/7 Training Access

Right At Your Fingertips 
To Earn From Your Home
The Bronze Coaching Program is designed to be an “8 week intensive” modular training class. But don’t worry, you don’t have to leave home or worry about interrupting your schedule. The program is broken down into eight modules for you so you can go through it easily …without feeling overwhelmed or bogged down. And they’re all stored online for you, in a members’ only website that you can access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone… …from anywhere in the world – whenever you want. Every week, you receive a new module that shows you exactly what to do, what to say, how to do it, and why.
Module 1 – Millionaire Mindset: In your first module, you complete the Quick Start Series and financial mindset training to hit the ground running right from the start. Learn how to leverage your resources, create your strategic action plan and launch your new life as a real estate investor. Steve shows you his amazingly simple and effective Chuncker Strategy to build and expand your real estate wealth machine so you know exactly how to replicate his results-proven system. Just follow through with your daily action steps to achieve your goals.
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Module 2 Details
Module 2 – Market Selection: Get Steve’s little-known insider tactics to identify under the radar investment markets so you know how to cherry pick the hottest locations for top-profit deals. You’ll literally watch over Steve’s shoulders as he shows you how to identify your markets and get his methods step-by-step so there’s no guesswork involved. You’ll find out how to perform your market research and neighborhood evaluation right from the comfort of your home using the latest technology so you complete your second module knowing exactly where to invest.
Module 3 – Pro Deal Analysis: Learn how to find and evaluate deals with best-kept resources and Steve’s top profit deal formulas. You’ll find out how to quickly find, analyze and evaluate properties within 5 minutes or less from start to finish, without ever leaving your home! Get Steve’s complete deal analysis process to immediately implement so you know how to find and vet the best deals in your market using top profit evaluation systems. 
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Module 4 Details
Module 4 – Systemize and Automate: Steve’s system is designed to give you a complete automated process so you leverage your power team and put your deal hunting so you always get the insider lucrative opportunities. With access to Steve’s scripts, email templates and software systems, you gain the tools to rocket launch your real estate investing success and establish your credibility. Learn how to harness the untapped power in your power team, resources and technology to establish your hands-off money making machine.
Module 5 – Godfather Offers: Your offer submission process is made simple using your templates and Steve’s step-by-step process so you know how to meet all your requirements and top profit terms for your deals. Get Steve’s contract templates to protect your investments and instantly establish creditability with banks and realtors. You’ll find out how to buy foreclosures and close on deals with templates to fast track your deals.  
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Module 6 Details
Module 6 – Due Diligence and Closing: Steve reveals industry secrets to accelerate your financing approval and close deals right from your living room with his bulletproof due diligence and closing system. Steve shows you how to conduct due diligence remotely on a property and leverage your power team to do the heavy-lifting and legwork for you. With your cheatsheets, checklists and templates for every step of the process, you’ll know how to close on top profit deals sight unseen and maximize your returns.  
Module 7 – Rehab Your Property in 14 Days: Learn how to finish your complete property rehab on-time and on-budget using Steve’s complete 14-day investor system. Find out how to “flip the script” on contractors to find and screen contractors, manage your rehab to stay on budget and rent your property at top market value. Using Steve’s step-by-step rehab process complete with contract templates, your investments are protected with built-in clauses and oversight systems without any expensive mistakes. 
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Module 8 Details
Module 8 – Asset Management for Investors: Get Steve’s complete 5-Step property management system to establish hands-off investments that pull in consistent cash flow each and every month straight to your bank account. From asset performance reviews that ensure maximum profits to remote property manager oversight systems, Steve shares his secrets of asset management so know exactly how to manage your assets and build wealth with simple, time-saving methods. This way, you get the system to maintain your consistent cash flow while you continue to acquire properties and expand.
World Class Support and Coaching
You’re Never Alone
With Elite Insider Coaching
Get the real-time support, guidance and insights to overcome challenges and succeed with continuous communication as a Bronze Coaching member. With your private member-only community network, your unlimited email support, live deal support, weekly updates from Steve and more, expert solutions are always at your fingertips. You’re never left in the dark because you’re surrounded by experienced and successful active real estate investors ready to help you when you need it most to achieve. 
Unlimited Email Support:  There’s nothing worse than hitting a wall and wasting hours endlessly searching for answers. Once you join the Bronze Coaching program, you’ll never waste time hoping to find the right answers because you have constant access to unlimited email support for any and all of your questions. Get the expert solutions you need to take action and achieve delivered straight to your inbox. 
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Steve Market Weekly Coaching Details
Weekly Updates With Steve Martel:  Each and every week, you’ll gain exclusive updates and solutions with Steve Martel to take you through any obstacle. Steve shows you how to navigate tricky situations and apply advanced strategies to protect your interests and boost your bottom line. With direct access to Steve and solutions for your deals, you gain a powerful ally to help you through your process and achieve. 
Community Support: Join the most elite, largest group of active U.S. real estate investors to instantly connect with top movers and shakers. You gain continuous access to networking and partnership opportunities to accelerate your success and meet amazing new friends. Plus, whenever you have question, there’s bound to be insights and advice within your private member-only group to give you every possible advantage to excel and succeed. 
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Live Events: Meet Steve and his team live to speak in-person and find out the latest insider tactics working in the market now. Live Events with Steve are action-packed training sessions for you to gain valuable new knowledge to implement for your investments immediately so you walk away ready to achieve more. Plus, you’ll have the chance to network with Steve’s personal power team members, your fellow coaching members and first pick on Steve’s off-market deals in hot markets. 
Ultimate Real Estate Investor Resource Library
Every Single Tool You’ll
Ever Need To Achieve
Steve’s entire systems and process is all ready for you to implement with the ultimate investor resource library jam-packed with templates, checklists and tools to succeed. With access to your exclusive Bronze Coaching Resource Library, you gain instant solutions for your real estate investments to download and use for all your deals. From contract templates and checklists to active financial spreadsheets and more, you gain every single tool you’ll ever need to achieve as a real estate investor and protect your investments. 
Checklists: Simplify every aspect of your real estate investments with direct access to Steve’s comprehensive checklists to make it easy every step of the way. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Steve’s checklists are an invaluable resource to ensure you follow-through on all the details that impact your bottom line. Download your checklists instantly to get a complete done-for-you process for hassle-free investments.
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Scripts Details
Scripts & Dialogues: Once you know key industry terms and phrases to talk the talk, you’ll know how to build your power team as a real estate investor. Plus, you get all of Steve’s battle-proven scripts and dialogues to give you a template to communicate and manage realtors, bankers, sellers, contractors, property managers and more so you always know just how to leverage your position as a real estate investor to get more done. 
Contracts & Agreements: Get instant access to Steve’s essential agreements and contract templates for every real estate investment transaction. With the latest templates at your fingertips, you save countless hours, thousands of dollars and protect your future investments with key must-have clauses and structures. Simply download your contracts and agreements for full plug-n-play iron clad templates so you’re legally protected with smart deals.
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Evaluation Sheets Details
Evaluation Sheets: Gain access to Steve’s coveted evaluation sheets to analyze your deals and pick top profit investment assets in 5 minutes or less. You get instant access to active financial spreadsheets so you know exactly how to evaluate and analyze your deals like a pro right from the start without the expensive learning curve. 
Meet Steve Live
Sharpen Your Skills
With Advanced Content
Meet Steve live to put your hands on exclusive new content with advanced strategies and tactics to implement in the market now. You’ll meet with Steve and his team to go behind-the-scenes for a full hands-on interactive training and network with Steve’s personal power team to walk away armed with powerful new insights and allies to achieve.

Live Event Details

Meet Steve Live: Join Steve live for quarterly events held in hot U.S. markets for 3 full days to find out all his latest strategies and systems never-before revealed to the general public. You’ll learn how to use new tactics and methods with hands-on training sessions so you know how to implement action steps to boost your profits right away. Plus, network with Steve and his team with exclusive first pick on hot market deals, connect with his personal power team members and walk away with powerful new insights to achieve. 

Learn Advanced Strategies: Join the coaching community for live events in hot markets with Steve and his team to find out how to use advanced strategies to boost your bottom line. You’ll learn how to align your market, resources and smart strategies to create top profit deals for your investments with interactive trainings. These aren’t your typical boring business conferences, Steve shows you the process right then and there as you take part in hands-on sessions so you have a know exactly how to implement advanced strategies for your investments.

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Implementation Details

Implement Live: Steve approach to training is a hands-on learning style to give you the real-deal action steps to apply theory into money making practices. He shows you all the dirty little secrets to use every tool, resource and system for your business to your advantage to boost your productivity, increase your profits and succeed. Get the live implementation sessions with Steve at evens as he shows you the exact processes and systems to have the hands-on experience you need to follow-through and reach new heights of success.

Network: Real estate is a relationship business and your network is vital to your success. At live events, you have the chance to network with Steve and his team, top rated active investors and vetted power team members to give you a plethora of networking and partnership opportunities. The more you expand your connections and network, the easier it is for you to partner with others, leverage expertise and ultimately close bigger and better deals. Plus, all events feature networking party nights so you have the chance to really get to know key players, have a ton of fun and walk away with an army of industry contacts.

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