Helping the World Starts With Helping Yourself

The More You Succeed, The More People We Can Help.

Martel Alliance

Martel Alliance is a registered charitable foundation established in 2012 based on principles of community, shared social responsibility, and generosity. We believe in giving back to the global community and directly participating in the process. At Martel Alliance, we contribute to programs designed to create sustainable development for those in need around the world. We are passionate about making a difference in individual’s lives and support charitable organizations and programs around the world.

Helping Local Innitiatives

Our foundation is an extension of Martel International Inc., designed to empower individuals in the pursuit of their dreams through financial contributions and support. The Martel Alliance foundation has given our company the opportunity to participate in programs designed to support families struggling with terminal illness, poverty, and homelessness.        

House for a Home

One major component of the Martel Alliance foundations is to assist the growing need for housing in the developing world. The House for Home initiative is one example of our efforts to make a difference for individuals struggling to live. For every piece of property acquired through our company, we build homes for homeless families in Haiti. Our goal in the House for Home program is to create a network of generosity and shared responsibility to touch lives and create sustainable communities.