7 Reasons To Invest in U.S. Real Estate This New Year

With 2016 just around the corner, find out how a combination of market factors are making real estate the most viable financial opportunity for money conscious North Americans.No matter what you "day job" is, you need to have at least one side project you're working...

20 Weird U.S. State Laws You Might Be Breaking

Before you go off enjoying music in New Hampshire or chugging beer in Texas, here are 20 weird U.S. state laws you should know about. As a Canadian who buys and sells U.S. real estate, here are a few state laws you might want to know before visiting your properties. ...

Another Avenue For Investment On The Way

                This may cause some discussion and thought in an area that many people hadn't considered before. HousingWire has a really interesting article today detailing the coming opportunities in retail properties.  "More than $350 billion in commercial real...

U.S. Real Estate Is Your Winning Lottery Ticket

Is there opportunity left in U.S. real estate for Canadian-based investors? YES. It sounds a bit silly to say it, but the situation in the U.S. real estate world still seems to be "okay, this year is going to be less worse than last year". From an American...

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