Once you “get” how school brainwashes students into obedient servants, your entire schooling experience will finally make sense. More importantly, you’ll be armed with the powerful truth to break out of the “box”. 


Is Education Valuable?

Yes. I am a firm believer in continuous education. I want to make that clear right from the outset because education is the means by which we grow, achieve and succeed. I am constantly taking on new skills, training, reading and writing to develop and learn as I continue through life.

Education is intrinsically valuable and is always a worthwhile use of your time. BUT, I am not a fan of our school system. Now let me tell you why.


Obedience Is The Most Important Lesson You Learn In School

Think back to kindergarten.

What did you learn…

Maybe you learned how to sit nicely at your desk? Or to raise your hand to use the bathroom? I know you learned to properly address your teacher as a person of authority right? And likely to stand in a neat little line until Mrs. McGregor is satisfied with your straightness and silence

ClassroomMrs. Mcgregor doesn’t bother explaining why, she simply mandates rules and students quickly learn that the rules don’t have to make sense. To be a “good” student, you do what she says and please her.

If Mrs. Mcgregor says the three primary colours are red, yellow and blue – all you need to do is accept it, you don’t need to know why.


The most important lesson you learn in school is obedience. 

By the time you’ve completed elementary school, you may have forgotten every lesson on grammar, mathematics, science and the lot of it, but you’ll have a deeply engrained understanding of the importance of your continued obedience.

This continues throughout high school and even college and university, as students are rewarded for doing what they are told. The “best” top level students eagerly await instructions, show authority figures respect and do exactly what they are told – nothing more, nothing less.

And the problem with that is, you have not learned how to think for yourself. You have learned how to be a servant.


As an adult, that obedience you had pommeled into you as a young child and teenager at school becomes so engrained into your mind, it’s second nature.


  • You know you’re “supposed” to follow Mrs. McGregor’s rules blindly to do well in school.
  • You know you’re “supposed” to get good marks and continue to please your teachers.
  • You know you’re “supposed” to go to college/university.
  • You know you’re “supposed” to get a good job and work your 9-5 every day.
  • You know you’re “supposed” to marry a nice gal/guy, buy a house and have some kids.

And if you do ALL of that, you are promised social approval for all your obedience. Aren’t you “good”! School brainwashes you to think that obedience is a virtue.

That’s the downside of our schooling system.The idea being that “some day”, all your obedience and sacrifice will be rewarded. It won’t. 


Here’s The Secret Every Entrepreneur Knows:

I saw a great TED talk on the ‘Key to Success’ by Angela Lee Duckworth where she explores beyond student IQ levels to identify the #1 predictor of success. Do you know what quality she identified as the key to success?


It is the person who never gives up, who never stops trying, who preserves against all odds – the individuals with “grit”, who are most successful. (By the way, it really is a powerful video, you can watch it below to find out about how the ‘Growth Mindset’ develops grit.)


Instead, obedience teaches you to blindly accept rules, seek social approval and “go along to get along”. You have to fight that! The value in school is education. In order to turn that into success, you have to let go of how school trained you to behave.

Here’s the most important “rule” of entrepreneurship.

“Rules are made to be broken”

Too many “rules” bog you down and make every task seem insurmountable. Then it becomes easier to blindly obey orders and collect social approval points than to bother thinking for yourself, let alone taking action. The truth is that many of the most intelligent and educated minds are often trapped in a box of obedience disconnected from taking action simply because school-learned obedience is so deeply ingrained.



Break free of the “rules” and the “supposed to’s” and ask yourself the only question that really matters: what is it that you really want to do…

Do you want to be an obedient servant or do you want to be a leader?


  • Leaders use education as a resource. 
  • Leaders tap into the power of community. 
  • Leaders have goals. 
  • Leaders take action. 

You don’t need to raise your hand to ask for permission, the power is and always has been yours to choose.

Steve Martel
Steve Martel is a serial 8-figures/yr business magnet, real estate mogul, millionaire philanthropist, author, educator, public figure & happily married father of 4 little munchkins under 10. His teachings and concepts have revolutionised the lives of over 100,000 entrepreneurs around the world and he has consulted 428 clients who’ve collectively created businesses worth over $560 million in the last 5 years alone.