The movement of socially conscious entrepreneurship ultimately recognizes the undeniable truth that we are all in this together. The more you give, the more you get – Period.

As many of you know, I devote a great deal of my “working time” to philanthropy. I do this because I know just how important it is to contribute positive change into the world and I am in a position to to do just that.

I have spent much time in Haiti to build sustainable villages, orphanages and care that is needed and makes a big impact on children and adults in need.

Whenever I go visit Haiti, I am reminded of how lucky I truly am and how crucial it is to take on charitable work.

Why Haiti?  The short answer is because I actively believe in socially conscious entrepreneurship.

I am always grateful for the freedom that being an entrepreneur provides me.  And I try to always be aware and respond to those who are not as fortunate.

Our community of entrepreneurs was motivated several years ago to visit Haiti at the invitation of Sir Richard Branson.

What I saw motivated me to take action.



The awesome forces of mother nature have taken a huge toll on that country. And, as is often the case, the poorest of the poor have borne the brunt of the challenges. Living in not much more than tin shacks doesn’t make for a very secure existence, particular when hurricanes strike.

So we build villages with sustainable homes.

Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

A good friend taught me that as humans we are all ships floating on the same ocean.  When the water rises, all the ships rise. When the water levels drop so do all the ships. We’re all in this together. And I know that my contributions of money and my time raise the water levels substantially.

As socially conscious entrepreneurs, we understand that you receive based on the good you give. Doesn’t have to be Haiti, although that has been my focus for the past several years. Find a cause worth supporting, get involved and watch what happens to your heart… and your business.

Steve Martel
Steve Martel is a serial 8-figures/yr business magnet, real estate mogul, millionaire philanthropist, author, educator, public figure & happily married father of 4 little munchkins under 10. His teachings and concepts have revolutionised the lives of over 100,000 entrepreneurs around the world and he has consulted 428 clients who’ve collectively created businesses worth over $560 million in the last 5 years alone.