“Do you want to learn how to Double Your Real Estate Sales in 5-Simple Steps? I’ll show you exactly how to do it in, ‘The Ultimate Real Estate Lead-Generation Machine’. Click here to watch.

Learn how 487 of MY PRIVATE CLIENTS generated more than $560 million using the Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel for Real Estate Agents.

This is probably going to be one of the most unconventional articles you’ll ever read.


Because I’m about to compare 97% of Real Estate Agents (as it pertains to real estate marketing) to, for lack of a better term, a horny teenage boy going on a first date…

Turned off? (No pun intended)

Let me start off by breaking the tension here.

My name is Steve Martel, and despite having my four children (including 3 girls all under the age of 10) watching the Incredibles 2 right next to me, and feeling VERY uncomfortable as I write this, I cannot think of a better metaphor to get my message across.

So, it’s not all that inappropriate…

…ish. LOL

Let me ask you:

As a real estate agent, What Is Your Ultimate Goal?

“Generate More Sales In Less Time –
With the Perfect Real Estate Marketing Funnel”

Cliche, Right?

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Toolkit

Well, I don’t want to assume, but my guess is that this goal resonates with you in much the same way as it did with over 487 of my private clients (who happen to have generated over $560 million with my real estate marketing funnel – yes, a shameless plug)

Let’s jump back to the thought of, um, a teenage boy. And please don’t judge! I promise this is simply a metaphor to really open your eyes. When I’m teaching to crowds, I’ve found that to be a very effective method of doing so.

What is the goal of an 18-year-old boy going on his first date?

He finally found the courage to ask his crush out.

Borrows mom and dad’s car.

Drives ever so nervously to pick her up, wondering who’ll answer the door.

Phew, she opens the door.

His voice quivering, opens his mouth and says…

“Hey Cindy, I’m so glad to see you tonight. Are you ready to have fun cause I…

Can’t-Wait to Have Sex Tonight!”

Ha! Of course NOT.

Little Timothy needs to keep it in his pants…


But seriously.

Before Timothy has the slightest chance at getting closer to his “ultimate goal”, there’s a specific set of logical, unwritten rules that he must follow before he even gets the chance at a good night kiss.

Whether you’re laughing or disgusted. You know that I’m right.

In order for little Timothy to sway Cindy, there’s a specific process that he has to follow in order to get closer to his objective.

He must:

Build a rapport by
Finding commonalities which help
Create Trust.

Which may slowly lead to first base.

All kidding aside – how is this any different from Real Estate Agents?

As a Real Estate Agent, our ultimate goal is to make a sale just as Timothy’s goal is to, well, you know.

So why is it unacceptable for little Timmy to express his intentions, but completely normal for an agent to shamelessly express their intentions?

Unfortunately, agents simply don’t have the right real estate marketing tools or background.

Buying or Selling a House? Call Me.

In Order to Create More Sales…

You Must Follow The Natural Progression of a Relationship – That’s What a Good Real Estate Marketing Funnel Does.

Sure, Timothy could go to a bar (in Quebec, Canada where the drinking age in 18) and ask 100 girls the very same question he asked Cindy, and you know what, maybe he’ll get a yes. But what do you think happened in the process?

My estimate is that he got slapped 99 times, and this doesn’t include how their boyfriends may have reacted. He also ruined his chance with these 99 girls who may have been great for him. In the space of asking a simple, blunt question, Timmy’s reputation is kaput.

The real estate marketing process is EXACTLY the same.

Stop shamelessly chasing buyers and sellers, throwing your intentions around expecting to grow your sales. You’ll miss 99% of the time.

Buying or Selling a Home is Not an Event. It’s a Process.

Before I break down the perfect real estate marketing funnel that has not only allowed me to create 8 businesses, each of which made over $1 million in their first year (with my two last companies making $10+ million in less than 12 months) AND allowed my private clients to generate over $560 million with the same real estate marketing funnel…

Let me share with you the biggest mistake Real Estate Agents and Business Owners alike make:

You are all chasing after the same 3% who are ready and willing to buy or sell today!

But here’s the thing, buying and selling a home is NOT an event! It’s a process.

No homeowner springs out of bed and just decides they want to sell their home that day and immediately puts it on the MLS.

There are specific processes that happen before they are even ready to list with a real estate agent.

I mean, sure, it’s not inconceivable for a homeowner to roll out of bed and think “Hey, it’s time to make a change” which may mean making a move in the near future. But an immediate get-up-and-go move? That’s usually caused by a profound, psychological event ( I’ll have an article for you on that in the next couple weeks as it’s super important to attracting new hot real estate leads).

But I digress…

My point is that before a homeowner signs on the dotted line to list with you, there is a lead time of approximately 2 to 6 months of thought process and action steps a homeowner must take.

And YOUR job is to be in front of their eyes with the right marketing message before they reach the hotpoint of being ready.

Let’s break this down further.

Your Real Estate Marketing Funnel Must Catch Home Buyers & Sellers In The Process, Before They Search For “Top Real Estate Agents”.

Take a look at this target.

See the red dot? This is the bullseye. This represents when your prospective customers are ready, willing and able to act NOW as buyers and sellers.

This represents 3% of people making a move in the next year.

To put it in perspective, there have been around 5.2 million home sales in 2018. Which means, right now, there are approximately 13,000 people that are ready in the next week or two to put a for sale sign on their lawn with a local real estate agent.

Exciting, right?

Wrong! There are over 2,000,000 real estate agents fighting for those 13,000 buyers and sellers. Well, approximately 1,940,000 are.

Odds aren’t looking that great for you…

…and yet, that’s where 97% of real estate agents are focusing.

Even worse! Those poor souls are wasting their time because the 13,000 prospects have already made up their mind, hand-picked their top 3 real estate agents and are minutes away from calling, and booking a face-to-face meeting (if they haven’t already done so).

So why aren’t you on their radar?

What are the 3% of agents doing to earn all the commission you’re missing out on?

“Come List Me Now” Calls Are Not “Luck” – It’s the Product of A Perfectly Crafted Real Estate Marketing Funnel

We’ve floated around the idea that buying and selling a home is not an event, but a process.

Let’s break down the logical process of a homeseller (who doesn’t have a family member in real estate.)

  1. Something triggers you to want to buy and/or sell a home
  2. You start doing online research to get informed
  3. You have the conversation with your spouse (if applicable)
  4. Your spouse starts doing online research to get informed (if applicable)
  5. You start noticing your house is liveable, but not exactly ready to show
  6. You go through a house clean up, touch-ups, renos, and rehab…
  7. Start talking to friends and family who refer real estate agents and give their opinion (sadly).

Please Note: Home buyers, investors, and tenants have a very similar journey.

Just like dating has a process and set of rules, so does selling a home.

The Perfect Real Estate Marketing Funnel Follows The Natural Laws of The Real Estate Process

This isn’t the “Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel” just yet. That’s coming really soon.

It’ll be worth it – trust me! – so hang on.

Understanding the “WHY” is just as important, if not more important, as understanding how the Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel can impact you TODAY.

Keeping the logical process of a homeseller in mind, the Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel works backward.

As Mentioned before.

Stage #3 of the Natural Law of real estate: Ready & Able To Act Now

Only 3% of homeowners and buyers making a move in the next 12 months feel ready to make a move right now.

Stage #2 of the Natural Law of real estate: 1-month out

Now, more importantly, 7% of people (making a move in the next 12 months) are within 30 days of signing a listing agreement.

They are finalizing finishing touches on their home, doing the final financial touch-ups to buy a home and are in the final stages to meet a real estate agent.

Stage #1 of the Natural Law of real estate: In the Early Stage

30% of homeowners and home-buyers are 60 to 180 days of making the move.

This group of people have had a ‘psychological trigger’ and are in the process of getting their affairs in order, their financials lined up.

And more importantly, getting educated on the process online.

Now, there are two other “rings” that completes 100% of the funnel.

I personally have never worked in the “Don’t Wanter” Space.

But many of my private clients live and swear by it.

There’s a good 30% of people that want to make a move, but lack the creativity and think they can’t.

There are many reasons for that:

  1. Their real estate is underwater
  2. It needs way too much work
  3. Divorce, partnership separation…
  4. In foreclosures
  5. Bad tenants

And lastly, there’s over 30% of people making a move in the next 12 months that will not make a move with you, regardless of what you say or do.

And there are many reasons for that.

  1. They have a family member that’s a real estate agent
  2. They don’t like you, your style or your marketing
  3. There’s a personality clash

It’s a reality you have to come to grips with – and that’s ok!

Although we all try, one simply can’t win them all. It’s a fact of life.

So, without further ado. It’s time to unveil…

The One.

The Only.

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel You’ll. Ever. Need.

It worked 15 years ago when I first started real estate marketing when there was no such thing as real estate marketing on the Internet.

And WOW does it work like magic today.

Even with all the tech companies threatening to ‘disrupt’ the real estate industry as we keep reading everywhere.

I promise, it means nothing. Zero. Zilch.

Follow me, it’ll all make sense.

Above, is what I call

The NoHype Client For Life Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Machine

There are 5 other steps in the ultimate real estate marketing funnel as you can see below.

But my goal today is to simply focus on the first 6 steps of the ultimate real estate marketing machine.

Don’t worry, I promise to overwhelm you (if it’s your first time seeing this) today.

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Toolkit

This is the exact real estate marketing funnel my private clients used to create $560million (and climbing daily) and the same real estate marketing funnel I use on all the businesses that has generated me over $100 million (gross) in the last 10 years.
It follows every single one of the rules I’ve outlined above.

Not only does this real estate marketing funnel attract amazing high-quality real estate leads (assuming you follow the laser targeted high-profit client method), it also makes people fall in love with you every step of the way.

Let’s break it down item by item, and then we can reel it all back into an easy action-able step-by-step plan tailored just for you.

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel Step #1: Positioning

Positioning is probably the most important step in the real estate marketing funnel. It’s not necessarily ‘part’ of the funnel itself – it’s something you should be always focusing on. Period.

I have a great webinar that talks about this. I call it “How to Instantly Stand Out From the Masses and Have Your Prospects Begging To Work With You”. You should really check out that webinar here.

Essentially, becoming an authority figure in your marketplace is this best way to immediately stand out from all the other local real estate agents, and get more high-profiting real estate leads.

The concept is simple.

Educate your prospects with high-quality content they could actually use and you’ll attract more real estate leads and customers than you can imagine.

Now, there’s a bit more to it than just that.

Your goal is to genuinely solve your prospects’ biggest challenges through articles and/or videos. This will immediately set you apart from all the other local real estate agents, as well as attract more than just the “Now” Business or “Come List Me Nows” as discussed above. (i.e., the 3%)

Of course, if it was that easy, everyone would be successful, so follow along with me and it will make a lot more sense as we work down the funnel.

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel Step #2: Awareness

I’m not sure what your current situation is. You may have the best video content in the world! All the “How to” articles that solve your customers biggest challenges.

But if no one knows about it, it’s absolutely useless.

By following this real estate marketing funnel, you are no longer a “Real Estate Agent”, you are transforming into a Business Entrepreneur that just so happens to be working in the field of Real Estate.

There is a BIG difference.

On one hand, you think and act like an agent, riding the rollercoaster of real estate continuously chasing after your next paycheck.

On the other hand, you are acting and thinking like a complete Business Owner. You stand out from all other local and national real estate agents with positioning, you generate more high-quality real estate leads and you automatically convert them to face-to-face appointments with the ultimate real estate marketing funnel all while having systems and processes to deal with the ‘office’ work.

Hhhhhhh. As I gasp for air…

Which do you prefer?

One thing we say here at NoHype is #OwnIt. Simply enough, pony up and fully take on your responsibilities. (Feel free to use the hashtag – it’s AWESOME)

With that said, as a Business Entrepreneur, you must invest money to earn money.

That means it’s time to open up the old wallet and create real estate marketing awareness ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re already running ads, GREAT! You’re ahead of 98% of the competition. I’m sure we could still optimize them.

However for the rest of you not running ads because you believe it’s too hard, well, I can promise you one thing: the constant stress of living from closing to closing, waiting for the next commission cheque.

I have great video tutorials on this. There are also many on youtube as well so there really is no excuse. Listen, if I can do it, you can too. I promise.

The goal here is to not go broke spending money on facebook and Instagram just to run a real estate marketing campaign. The goal is to spend a little bit of money and time to make people aware of your existence! Setting aside a couple hundred dollars is almost a prerequisite (if you’re following my method here) to generating more real estate leads and clients than you could ever have imagined…

Remember little Timothy? The goal isn’t to spend money on shameless ads which have ZERO value. Our purpose here is to demonstrate how awesome you are by providing interesting, engaging content, which helps solve your customers’ questions, concerns, and problems.

With that said, let me introduce to you the next stage in the ultimate real estate marketing funnel! Then I’ll give you some examples that piece everything together.

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel Step #3: Engage

Many real estate marketing, or marketing “gurus” in general will get angry at what I’m about to say here…

You are NOT looking to play the cat-and-mouse game!

Your goal is to net high-profiting prospects with your engaging content. Whether it’s video, blog, picture, survey, podcasts, event – heck, even just an interesting text update!

You are NOT requesting their contact info in order for you to offer the content.

You are giving them content for free that will genuinely solve some of their problems with no catch whatsoever.

Engagement is all about connecting with people.

Think about the target board we discussed earlier.

By the time your ideal high-profit prospect gets to the “Ready To Act Now” section, he or she already knows what local real estate agent they want to interview.

By creating amazing, fun, valuable content that genuinely solves even just ONE of their problems, guess who they’ll be calling when it comes time to making a move?!


And you know what, you’ll have deserved it. You offered something of real value that solved one of their problems at a specific period of time, and how will you be rewarded?

That’s right, with a high-profit real estate leads.

Now. That’s not the end of it.

It’s only the beginning of the Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel.

Quickly, let’s go over the last three steps of the real estate marketing funnel and break it down with an example.

It’s actually really not all that complicated.

  1. Write or record (aka produce) good quality content that genuinely solves your ideal high-profit prospects challenges, then place it on your blog.
  2. Create a real estate marketing ad like the one below leading your targeted ideal high-profit prospects directly to your blog
  3. If done properly, through trial and error, you’ll see if you did a good enough job to get your prospects to engage.


You’ve made it through the first 3 steps of the ultimate real estate marketing funnel!

Now don’t get discouraged, I know this is long, but my goal is to literally pour my heart and soul into this so that you can save the $500-1000 on a paid course that will literally teach you the EXACT SAME THING.

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Toolkit

So take a breather, chill, and let’s carry on. You with me?

Did you happen to notice that we never asked if they are buying or selling?

We never asked for their contact info.

We simply gave them pure, unadulterated valuable real estate content with the goal of genuinely solving our ideal high-profit prospects’ biggest challenges.

I have over 125 different real estate articles that we give our NoHype Real Estate clients. But here are a few examples:

  • 6 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving to A Larger Home
  • How To Avoid Getting Stuck With Two Homes
  • 27 Valuable Tips To Increase Your Homes Value By $50,000 Or More
  • 9-Step System To Sell Your Home Fast & For Top Dollar

So now you’re probably scratching your head wondering why in the world would you pay to send people to a blog without attempting to capture their information.

That’s not exactly what’s happening. The next step of the Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel is to get our prospects to subscribe. I’ll come back to this in a minute.

Let me give you a quick glimpse of what a blog layout will look like:

FYI – It’s Identical to what you’re going through right now, here with me.

You’ll notice that in our real estate articles, just like the one above that I pepper out a few different Calls To Action (CTA’s for short). And just like this example, I have a graphic in the article that looks like this:

If they click, they will be prompted to give me their info in exchange for something really juicy:

Ah! And what if they don’t, you ask?

I’m not worried at all. (See below)

When a prospect clicks the ad, they’ll land on the article or video, and have the opportunity to subscribe or commit to a face-to-face meeting.

Hey! You never know, some prospects may be ready to act right now.

And If they aren’t? It’s no big deal.

Here’s why:

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel Step #4: Retarget

This is where the real magic of our real estate marketing funnel happens!

It’s a pretty common term now, but unfortunately, it’s also misunderstood. And worse, misused.

Retargeting is simple. When you visit someone’s website or a specific page of a site, then assuming that the owner of the site has properly installed the right pixels, a code snippet is installed on the viewer’s web browser which allows them to indirectly follow this user for up to 180 days.

Scary, right? Well, depends on how you use it.

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Ben Parker, Spiderman

Now “follow” may be the wrong term as I can’t log into anything that tells me your activities.

All this code snippet – this “pixel” – does, is prioritize my ads wherever you go online instead of seeing random ads you could care not less for.

Plain and simple, when you click on an ad that is interesting to you, you will be “pixeled”, which is why you see ads from the same producer all over the internet. They know you’re interested in what they produced and want to make another offer.

For example, you end up looking at a shirt on amazon. If you have 4 kids like me, you can easily get distracted, forget to order and move on to something else.

The next day I’m looking for a great turkey recipe for my Kamodo Joe BBQ. I end up on allrecipes.com and all of a sudden, THAT SAME SHIRT I was looking at ended up on the right-hand side in the ads section which reads: “Hey, you forgot to order me – 10% off if you order now!”

A more visual example:

Simple, right?

As producers of content (which you now are) our goal is NOT to send them the same message again as we retarget. They saw our blog, they didn’t “subscribe” yet, but they now know who we are and have somewhat engaged with us.

Baby, it’s time to take our relationship to the next level!

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel Step #5: Subscribe

Now that they know who we are, they’ve seen the valuable content we offer and obviously know what we do as Real Estate Agents.

It’s time to take our relationship to the next level and exchange information.

During the awareness stage of the Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel, we’re just breaking the ice. Going in smooth and showing who we are as an authority figure.

This will usually attract the people that are a couple months out in the information stage.

At the subscription stage of the real estate marketing funnel, we’re targeting the people that are usually no more than 90 days out from making a move.

There’s no way we can specifically tell, aside from offering material that appeals to people who would be around 60-90 days out.

And assuming your prospect DID click on one of your awareness ads sending them to either a video or an article, but DID NOT subscribe to anything where there was an opportunity for an exchange of information, BECAUSE we installed a ‘pixel’ on their browser, we can now retarget them moving them from the awareness audience, to a custom audience tailored to those who viewed your content but did not subscribe.

We can call this audience: Viewed Blog, Did Not Subscribe.

In which we would target them using ads like this:

Simple, to the point, and very valuable. Would you not agree?

If the prospect clicks, it sends them to a page breaking down exactly what they get.

If they opt-in (give us their info), their contact info goes into our marketing software or Customer Relation Management system (CRM) and their custom audience changes from the ‘subscribe’ stage over to the next level.

Unless of course, they decide to commit right away.

Remember, we are softly moving down our relationship to reach our goal of committing to a face-to-face meeting where we WOW them and close the deal.


The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Funnel Step #6: Commitment

Now that they know who we are, have benefitted from our high-value content, and even shared with us their content info, a few different things are happening…

First, it’s very important we do not bombard them with useless, shameless emails.

We did such a great job at providing them valuable information by following the Ultimate real estate marketing stages. It would be a shame to simply throw it all away.

There’s a reason that less than 8% of emails are getting opened today. Horrible marketers have ruined it.

The key is to continuously provide good, valuable content knowing they are 60-90 days out from make a move.

But not only through email!

The secret to converting leads into face-to-face meetings is by synchronizing all your conversion points in order to stay on top of your prospects’ buying and selling journey.

I break this down really well in my webinar here.

In essence, you need to make sure you communicate with your prospects through all available channels with value without being annoying. But more importantly, synchronize all communications to ensure you don’t look like an idiot offering something they already have.

If a prospect clicks one of your emails and books a face-to-face appointment with you, your retargeting stops. Or vice-versa.

Let’s stick to online marketing as this can get very complex. We have our own real estate marketing software at NoHype that was developed solely for our Real Estate clients called OneClick Agent.

But it’s simply not available to the general public. For now…

Now, let’s focus back on the Ultimate Real Estate Marketing funnel and commitment ads. Here are a few that we use that work really well.

In this ad, please note that we’ve been digitally communicating with this prospect for months now following every step of the real estate marketing funnel. They are a warm lead and highly likely to take us up on our offer.

As you can see, acquiring new leads, turning those leads into face-to-face appointments that inevitable turn into more sales is a step-by-step process.

I can guarantee if you, if you implement this here, step-by-step. You will easily double, triple or quadruple your sales!
I would be lying if I said it was easy. It takes my team 8 marketers for 1 client as there’s so many different specialties.

  • Creative Specialist
  • Design Specialist
  • Sales Copywriter
  • Jr. Copywriter
  • Video Producer
  • Facebook & Instagram Specialist
  • Youtube & Adwords Specialist
  • Analytics and Optimization

And that’s just for running ads. That doesn’t include my tech team running OneClick agent.


If you truly want to make the next 12-months of the most profitable ever.

NoHype can simply do it all for you for a low subscription fee.


Schedule a free strategy call with my team here and we can brainstorm and see if it’s right for you.

The worst thing that can happen is you end up with an awesome customized step-by-step blueprint.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

Please, implement!

PS: Let me know what you thought of the post, and if you have any questions.