The Two-Step Formula to Make Money Flipping Real Estate

Flipping is one the best-known real estate strategies to make upwards of 20K within a couple of months... so long as you do it right. Use this 2-step formula to run the numbers and make profitable flips to build your capital. Flipping real estate can be a great way to...

Your US Real Estate Purchase: Make the Dream a Reality

When I look at eliminating the obstacles that are preventing Canadians from moving forward with a US real estate purchase, it's easy to focus on big, concrete problems like financing, taxes, identifying emerging markets, etc. I touch on all of these with my students...

US Real Estate: Why Even Warren Buffett Wants in on the Action

People love speculating about US real estate, and a few recent reports have brought the conversation to an outright frenzy. As a follow-up to my blog post on making a US real estate purchase in 2012, I wanted to take a second look at this week's revelations to get a...

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