Effective Partnering

  What we do is a team sport! Acquiring U.S. real estate by Canadians requires a variety of skill sets from great 'eyes' at the pre-analysis stage to legal, accounting and acquisition skills.  Bottom line is you can't do everything well yourself and you can't do it...

An Ipad, A MacBook Air and You!

I'm  really excited to announce a new series of Introduction To U.S. Real Estate workshops! These are two hour, absolutely free sessions that will be full of content and information. And if you've already attended one of our events, we've got something very special...

RBC In Context

  Hi team.  You may have heard already that Royal Bank has reportedly decided to sell it's US banking operations. Media reports this morning carried stories like:  (Yahoo News) "Royal Bank of Canada has reportedly agreed to sell its money-losing retail banking...

2 Million Americans Looking To Rent

  Every day, major media outlets in the United States publish articles that, although troubling for Americans, are motivational for me and everyone I work with and coach. Yes team, we're on the right track at exactly the right time! From the Houston Chron this...

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Find The Secret ”Hidden”: New You 2.0

Steve Martel - Find The Secret ''Hidden'': New You 2.0