Attention all serious business owners, real estate investors and people looking to re-invent their financial future…

Would You Like Me To Personally Design A Custom 12-Month Action Plan For You to Re-Invent Yourself, Your Business & Build a Real Estate Portfolio of $5 Million+
…For Free?

Steve Martel Has Built 8 Multi-Million Dollar Companies, Controlled over $1Billion in Real Estate Investments, Built Villages in Haiti & Helped His Students Create $1.1Billion+ 

Dear Friend,

After generating over $100 million in sales through my companies, building and controlling over $1 Billion in Real Estate, raised over $27.5 Million in private money, and more importantly, helped my students and clients create over $1.1 Billion for themselves in less than 5-years and inspired them to give back to the world with their newfound wealth…

…I’ve gotten pretty darn good at delivering unbelievable results for anyone willing to implement my recommended action plan.

And I’ve set a few hours aside this month to spend some time with you looking where you are, discuss your biggest challenge in life, business, or real estate investments, and personally build you a 12-month implementation plan in order for you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in the next year.

Here’s How it Works

If you agree to a no fluff, straight to the point analysis with an action plan for you to implement immediately…

…I’ll start working on your goals as soon as I receive your request before we meet.

I’ll first ask you a few important questions and assess your responses. I’ll then analyze your positioning, your online presence, meet with my team to identify how your clients perceive you and how you attract your prospects, how you nurture them and how your offers/products are presented in order to turn them into long lasting clients.

Then We Meet, Face-to-Face

We’ll virtually meet, and I’ll share what I would do if I were in your shoes to quadruple your business within a few months based on your current business.

After helping over 34,000 people, I know you’ll most likely ‘fight’ the plan a little out of discomfort and fear of change – which is 100% normal. I’m known for results, not from telling you what you want to hear – it’s obviously no longer working.

At the same time, I’m here to work through this with you. We’ll brainstorm together and create a comfortable plan to at least double your profits and create a step-by-step blueprint for you to follow and implement.

Everything is done custom and is built specifically for your business or portfolio whether you’re selling products online or in-stores, or selling services such as real estate, investments or even information online, or if you’re a real estate investor looking to expand your holdings.

All of This is Absolutely FREE
And There is Literally No Catch.

…Which can only lead you to think, “Why would Steve do so much work for free?”

Obviously, I respect my time and know my worth. It’s simply smart business, this is how I get new clients for my consulting firm.

A large majority of the people I do this for end up asking me to implement the blueprint with them.

When this happens, you and I get together every single week for the first two months than every other week for 12 months over Zoom where we go through the blueprint I gave you and we start implementing everything one at a time, step-by-step together.

I give you all my contacts to call, the services I use and I’ll even help you build your marketing messages and sales pitches in order to eliminate months on end of guesswork and costly testing so you can start making money right away. You also have my personal cell for any question or emergency…

So that’s my ‘hidden motivation’ for doing this.


This Is NOT
A “Sales Pitch In Disguise”.

Far from it.

You’ll get absolutely no pressure to become a client because I let the creativity and step-by-step blueprint speak for itself. (And unfortunately, there’s only one of me and I can only accept a handful of private clients… )

The blueprint I’ll personally design for you, for free, will transform your business overnight if you take the time to implement it.

I guarantee it.

But everyone says that! Don’t they?

Which is why I’ll put my money where my mouth is:

I Will Give You $1,000
If You Don’t Like It.

If you tell me that I’ve wasted your time during our conversation, and the blueprint is not what you expected, I’ll immediately give you $1,000 to compensate you for the time we spent together.

There is no “catch”. No “fine print”

I’ve personally built 6 multi-million dollar business all earning over $1mil from launch day and two of them made over $12mil in the first year. And I’ve helped 427 people generate over $560,000,000. So I’m pretty confident I can help you.

The bottom line is, I’ll personally design you a step-by-step action plan for you to implement for free and give you the blueprint to deploy at will.

If you want to become a client, let me know. If not, you’ll have an awesome plan. All I’ll ask is that you keep us posted with your progress.

And if you think I’ve wasted your time, I’ll give you $1,000

If you’d like a free customized action plan to double, triple or even quadruple your business, enter your first name and best email to communicate below to get started.

Steve Martel
Business Growth & Real Estate Expert

P.S. Remind me to tell you how my estate portfolio went from $100Million to Control $1Billion within 8-months of chilling at Necker Island with Richard Branson.