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9 Hours & 23 Minutes of Actionable Training:  The Bronze Coaching Program is designed to give you step-by-step actionable education to take you through the process of successful real estate investing from start to finish. Join the private member-only community with instant access to your modular training with hard-core money making systems that work. From Steve’s battle-tested strategies and little-known tactics to done-for-you templates and essential checklists, implementation is made easy with daily action steps to achieve your goals in 8 weeks. 
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Unlimited Support: You’re never alone with continuous communication, guidance and expert support to help you overcome any challenge and achieve. No matter what obstacle you face, Steve and his team are by your side with real-time solutions so you always maintain forward momentum. From live deal support and corporate entity structures to key industry contacts and everything in-between, you have unlimited support to hold your hand through every step of the way and avoid expensive rookie mistakes.  
Community: Join the largest, most elite group of active U.S. real estate investors to take advantage of amazing networking and partnership opportunities. You gain instant access to the advanced real estate investor community to exponentially expand your connections in the real estate industry and rub shoulders with movers and shakers pulling down real money in the market now. Your member-only community is an invaluable resource to accelerate your success, gain priceless insights, and have a whole lot of fun as you build wealth in real estate.
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Resources & Cheatsheets: Nothing is left to chance with your ultimate real estate investor resources to protect your investments and make smarter deals, without any of the headaches. Your Bronze member-only resource library is packed with essential checklists, active financial spreadsheets, contract templates and much much more to save you countless hours and arm you with iron clad protection for your investments
Live Events: As a Bronze member you gain early-bird priority access to epic 3-day Live Events with a 25% member discount  for one full year! These Live Events are not your “run-of-the-mill” boring business conferences. Year after year, Live Events with Steve in top U.S. markets sell out fast because it’s very common to walk away with deals under contract, a local power team in place and new hard-hitting strategies to explode your business. On top of vital new market intel and advanced strategies, Live Events always include networking activities and parties so you have the time of your life as you achieve on the fast track. 
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Plus, 5 Amazing Bonus Gifts
As a special thank you gift, you get these 5 free bonus gifts when you sign up for the Bronze Coaching Program! Each bonus gift is gives you powerful training and resources to take you even further to succeed as a real estate investor and achieve your financial freedom. 
One-on-One Coaching Session: As soon as you sign up for Bronze Coaching, you get off to a great start with a one-on-one strategic coaching call with one of Steve’s handpicked team members. Find out exactly what to expect and how it all works so you get every advantage to achieve. You’re never alone once you join this community. Steve’s team will personally work with you to give you every opportunity to realize your goals. 
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Quick Start Series:  The Quick Start Series is a multimedia training to jumpstart your success as a real estate investor. Whether you’re just starting out or taking your investment game to the next level, Steve hones in on the key aspects of real estate investing with strategies to use in the market now, terms and phrases to use in negotiations and more so you’re off and running right from the start. Find out how to “walk the walk and talk the talk” on the fast track to build your wealth in real estate today.
Newsletter & Market Updates: Stay up-to-date and current with the latest market updates and strategies. As a Bronze member, you receive the weekly Steve Martel podcast and quarterly newsletter exclusives to stay connected with the community and market news. Every aspect of your training is designed to give you complete 24/7 flexibility for your schedule, so it’s at your fingertips when you want it. Listen to Steve’s weekly podcasts when you’re driving in your car or read through quarterly newsletters at your leisure to keep a pulse on new market happenings and innovative strategies for your investments. This way, you never waste time doing hours of research to stay ahead of the curve because it’s all delivered to your inbox.
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Apartment Investing Course: Apartment acquisitions are a surefire way to establish your continuous stream of hands-off cash flow month after month. As a Bronze Coaching member, you gain access to Steve’s course on how to buy and sell apartments so you have everything you need to realize financial abundance. Find out how to operate in the apartment industry with key differences for apartment deals, due diligence procedures, negotiations and more, so you’re armed with powerful training to close on top-profit apartment assets.
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Mega Events Member Discount: Steve Martel has launched and operated over six multi-million dollar businesses and he reveals all the dirty little secrets behind his success at his legendary Mega Events. Join Steve and his team to get first-hand knowledge of every aspect of Steve’s innovative tactics and walk away armed with powerful action steps to implement immediately for your business and boost your profits. Mega Events are held quarterly each year for a full 3-days of amazing content, networking and fun. As a Bronze member, you’ll gain priority registration to Mega Events so you never miss out. Plus, take advantage of the exclusive 25% off member discount to Mega Events for one full year
And more hidden surprises…

Bronze Coaching Plus

Yearly Subscription (25% Discount)
  • 8 Week Modular Education + Unlimited Email Support + Instant Community Access + Ultimate Resources Library + Advanced 3-Day Quest Pass + 12-Month V.I.P. Live Event Pass + Apartment Investments Course   + Weekly Podcast Updates + Quick Start Series – Website Marketing – Sales and Persuasion  – Authority Branding – Advertising and Positioning – Online Marketing

Bronze & Business

Ultimate Bronze Coaching
  • 8 Week Modular Education + Unlimited Email Support + Instant Community Access + Ultimate Resources Library + Advanced 3-Day Quest Pass + 12-Month V.I.P. Event Pass + Apartment Investments Course   + Weekly Podcast Updates + Quick Start Series + Web Marketing + Sales and Persuasion  + Authority Branding + Advertising and Positioning + Online Marketing
100% Risk-Free Cancellation Policy
Cancel Anytime: Our flexible cancellation policy makes your membership completely risk-free with our 100% cancel anytime policy. We know how busy life can be or maybe it’s just not a good fit for you – no matter what your specific circumstance, you can cancel your membership at anytime, no questions asked.
No Obligations, Cancel Anytime
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Money Back Guarantee: We know that taking the plunge to dive into your dreams isn’t always easy, so we’re going to make this a risk free “no-brainer” decision for you. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Bronze Coaching program, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain!. Bronze Coaching is a results-proven training… trust us, you’re going to love it.
Built-In Accountability: The Bronze Coaching Program is more than a real estate wealth program, it’s a way of life. When you join Bronze Coaching, you join a community of remarkable entrepreneurs working together to achieve. Your training is designed to give you 24/7 access to all your training and resources with built-in accountability and support to follow through with implementation. From unlimited email support and weekly updates with Steve to the private member-only community and live events, you always get the real-time solutions to overcome challenges and succeed. 
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Meet Steve Live: Every Bronze Coaching member is invited to join Steve and fellow members to take part in the legendary Advanced 3-Day Quest. This incredible 3-day event is designed to bring you to the next level in your final week of the program. Steve pulls back the curtain on real estate investing and shows you hands-on insider strategies and results-proven tactics that give you a competitive advantage to succeed. The Advanced 3-Day Quest is a golden opportunity to network, learn and supercharge your success.
Learn advanced strategies: Once you complete the 8-week Bronze Coaching Program, you gain an in-depth understanding of how to build wealth through real estate in the market today. You’ll discover Steve’s results-proven advanced investment strategies and systems to leverage technology that accelerate your success. Steve breaks down every aspect of his advanced strategies for you with daily action steps throughout your modular training so you have every advantage to achieve your financial goals.  
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Implement live: The Advanced 3-Day Quest is an interactive training with hands-on implementation exercises so you’re 100% prepared to take action. You’ll meet Steve live to ask any questions, network with fellow investors, gain expert solutions and implement every aspect of your advanced real estate training. These are powerful, high-energy trainings to connect with the Steve and the investor community face-to-face to overcome challenges and achieve.
Network: The coaching community is one the most valuable resources to your success as a real estate investor. Live events open a world of networking and partnership opportunities to exponentially expand your business. You’ll rub shoulders with Steve, meet his vetted power team members in local markets and connect with your fellow coaching students to instantly access a wealth of key contacts. 
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Real life stories.
Worth of Real Estate.
Our community is filled with truly remarkable individuals from all walks of life who have one common goal: to take their financial future into their own hands. Steve Martel has inspired a movement of new education with hands-on actionable content that gives you the hands-on action steps so you can implement his battle-tested strategies and achieve! These are a few of our students who have done the same.
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Our Students Taking Over U.S. Real Estate!
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