8 Week Modular Actionable Education Program

The Next Generation of Education

For the first time ever, gain access to Steve Martel’s results-proven real estate wealth educational training right from the comfort of your home. Learn how to buy and sell U.S. real estate using innovative tools, done-for-you templates and multi-media resources to take you through the process step-by-step at your pace. Gain insider access to fast track your success as a real estate investor and join the largest community of active U.S. real estate investors. Plus, get one-on-one expert support and guidance to walk you through your deals, weekly podcast updates with Steve Martel and unlimited email support so you have continuous real time expert insight to realize your financial goals.

Introducing the most advanced
and actionable content
ever produced for real estate investors.
The Bronze Coaching Program is designed as an 8 week intensive modular training program. But don’t worry, you don’t have to leave home or interrupt your schedule. The program is broken down into modules for you so you can go through it easily… without feeling overwhelmed or bogged down. And they’re all stored online for you, on the private members’ only website that you can access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone anywhere in the world – whenever you want. Every week, you receive a new module that shows you exactly what to do, what to say, how to do it, and why. You gain insider access to the largest community of active U.S. real estate investors, complete with expert email support and weekly market updates from Steve to hold your hand from start to finish. Bronze Coaching gives you the actionable training, network, support and resources to achieve your goals building wealth in the hottest real estate opportunities on the market now.
How to Leverage Your Assets
and Buy Real Estate, No Money Down
Fast Track Your Success

Learn how to leverage your resources in your Quick Start Series to fast track your success.

Map Your Goals
Identify your financial goals and milestones.
Strategic Action Plan
Create your SWOT analysis, strategies and action plan.

Tools and Templates

Unlock the ultimate investor library to achieve.

Invest with Expert Insight
in the Right Markets at the Right Time
From Your Living Room
Pro Market Analysis 
Learn how to research and analyze markets for your investments.

Top Secret Hot Markets

Find out how to pick emerging U.S. markets for top profit deals like a seasoned pro.

Top Profit Strategies 

Discover how to optimize your investment ROI using Steve’s battle-tested strategies. 

Pick Your Neighborhoods

Find out how to boost your bottom line by picking the best neighborhoods in your market.

Cherry Pick Hot Deals
Using Top-Profit Strategies
Find Hot Deals
Use little-known resources and tactics to find the best deals in your market.
Analyze Your Deals
Get the results-proven methods to identify and evaluate top profit deals. 
Top Profit Formula
Gain access to Steve’s ultimate formulas to boost your profits.
Templates, Spreadsheets and Resources
Use innovate resources to find and vet your deals in 5 minutes.
Systemize and Automate
Your Process From Start to Finish
Your Power Team
Get your power team in place and build your thriving business. 
Scripts and Dialogues

Talk the talk to instantly establish credibility and communicate with scripts,, dialogues and email templates.

Leverage Realtors 
Find out how to leverage realtors to gain insider access into any market.
Manage Your Power Team
Get the resources, tools, templates and more to seamlessly manage your power team like a seasoned investor.

The Bronze Coaching Program is expertly designed to walk you through each step of your real estate investments to achieve your goals, no matter what your experience or financial circumstance, within 8 weeks.

By dedicating just 30 minutes a day to learn and one hour to implement action steps, your training puts you on the fast track to success as a real estate investor. With this actionable education, real time support and resources, everything you need is right at your fingertips to excel and achieve.

Your financial freedom is 8 weeks away.
Make Irresistable Offers
with Expert Negotiations
Bulletproof Offers
Learn the two sneaky must-have clauses to protect you when submitting offers. 
Foreclosure Acquisitions 
Get the essential 4-step foreclosure acquisitions battle-tested process.
Negotiation Tactics
Find out how to maneuver your negotiations with ease to generate higher returns on your deals.
Bank Approval
Get Steve’s financing process and templates to accelerate bank approvals for all your deals.
Screen Deals 
and Close Like a Boss
Smarter Due Diligence
Find out how to screen deals with expert due diligence systems and checklists for every step of your process.
Financing Made Easy
Whether you have limited funds, no credit or bad credit – you’ll find out how to quickly get financing for any situation.
Closing Deals
Get the expert pre-closing and closing system that leverages your power team and technology to save you time and money.
Virtual Acquisitions
Forget airline tickets, find out how to buy property sight unseen with complete steps and resources for every step of your acquisition and management.
Rehab Your Property 
in 14 Days or Less
Renovations VS. Rehab
Learn how to rehab property to boost your profits as an investor.
Managing Contractors
Find out how to “flip the script” on contractors to get your rehab completed on time and on budget.
Iron Clad Rehab
Put your hands on the 4 essential contract templates to manage your rehab and protect your financial liability.
Boost Your Profits
Find out how to complete strategic rehab with contractor management that boost your ROI.
Manage Your Assets
for Consistent Cash Flow
Asset Management 
Learn how to manage your assets with 4 easy steps that optimize your cash flow.
Property Managers
Oversee your property managers to ensure consistent cash flow for hands-off assets.
3 Magic Numbers
Learn the 3 magic numbers to review for your assets each month for long-term profit streams.
5 Common Tricks
Find out the 5 common tricks that property managers use to steal your profits… and how to avoid it.
Own Real Estate in 90 Days Or Less

On Average, Typical Results Show You Buy Your First Property

Within 90 Days or Less
Week 1: In your first week of the program, you’ll complete the Quick Start Series and Module 1 to hit the ground running right from the start. Find out how to quickly establish your credibility as a real estate investor and take action to achieve your goals.  You’ll develop your strategic action plan and learn how to leverage resources so you’re ready to immediately get started.
Week 2: Get Steve’s insider tactics to identify little-known up investment markets so you know how to cherry pick the hottest top-profit deals. Watch over Steve’s shoulders to gain the time-saving methods step-by-step so there’s no guesswork involved. You’ll find out how to perform your market research and neighborhood evaluation right from the comfort of your home using the latest technology so you complete your second week with a clear idea of exactly where to invest. 
How to Invest “Sight Unseen”
#1: Know Your Market
Discover how to research and evaluate markets for your investments so you know how to find top-profit deals. You’ll learn why investing in your own market drains your wallet as a burnt-out landlord instead of an investor. and find out the pro investor secrets to build wealth in real estate.
#2: Build Your Power Team
Go from zero to hero as an investor with Steve’s complete method to build your power team in your market. Find out how to connect with key power team members from realtors to contractors and sellers and buyers.
#3: Communication Systems
Gain access to bulletproof templates, scripts, dialogues and methods to quickly find, screen and work with key power team members for your investments remotely. Steve shows you how to manage your entire power team right from your home with done-for-you communication systems.
#4: Build Relationships
Get a fast track training in how to establish your credibility in the real estate industry so you know how to “walk the walk and talk the talk” to create powerful working relationships with your power team.

Week 3: Learn how to find and evaluate deals with best-kept resources and Steve’s top profit deal analysis formula. You’ll find out how to quickly find, analyze and evaluate properties within 5 minutes or less from start to finish, without ever leaving your home! Watch over Steve’s shoulder as he takes you through the process to immediately implement finding the best deals in your market with little-known techniques and top profit evaluations. 

Module 3 Details
Module 4 Details

Week 4: Learn how to leverage realtors and gain access to red hot off-market deals so you have a continuous stream of new deals for your investments. With access to Steve’s scripts, email templates and software systems, you get the tools to rocket launch your real estate investing success and establish your credibility. Steve’s process shows you how to put deal hunting on auto-pilot with the best realtors in every market so you always get the insider lucrative opportunities.  

How Much Time Do You Need?
Organization, systems and dedication is the key. We’ll give you every advantage with step-by-step systems, resources, expert support and guidance every step of the way. No program works if you don’t work, but our students are given every benefit to achieve – that’s why their results are off-the-charts! Most Bronze Students report an average of 1.5 – 3 hours each week, depending on your personal schedule and preferences. If you at least 1.5 hours a week and dedication, this is the right program for you.
30 min for learning
Your 8-week modular education is hard-hitting actionable lesson plans to take you through the process from start to finish, With 30 minutes a day, you’ll complete the entire training within 8 weeks.
60 min implementation
Every aspect of your training is designed to give you action steps to implement and earn while you learn. With 60 minutes a day to implement your steps, you’ll achieve your goals.
15 min here & there
With just 15 minutes here or there throughout your week, you can boost your results. It is highly recommended that you spend at least 15 minutes a week engaged in the community with discussions to really take advantage of your new network,
A little effort today pays big once you achieve financially freedom!
Week 5: Get Steve’s contract templates for all your deals to protect your investments and instantly establish creditability with banks and realtors. You’ll find out how to buy foreclosures and close on deals with complete contracts so you know all the sneaky clauses to avoid and how to fast track your deals.  

Week 6: Steve pulls back the curtain on industry secrets to accelerate your financing approval and close deals right from your living room with Steve’s bulletproof due diligence and closing system. Steve shows you how to conduct due diligence remotely on a property and leverage your power team to do the heavy-lifting and legwork for you. With your cheatsheets, checklists and templates for every step of your process, you’ll know how to close on top profit deals sight unseen and maximize your returns.

How Much Money Do I Need to Start?

You don’t need money or experience to use the Bronze Coaching Program system to start your U.S. real estate investments. There’s an investing system for everyone and we show you how to get it done. It’s not how much capital you have, but about your resources and how you leverage those resources. Once you know how to effectively leverage resources, you’re off and running to achieve your goals as an investor.

No Money Down Strategies

With as little as $500, you can use no money down strategies. From seller financing and subject-to agreements to wraps, partnerships and investors, once you know the systems to use you’re off and running.

$10,000 to $100,000

As an investor, leverage is key to your success. Discover how to partner with banks, investors and lenders to gain the capital access to rocket launch your investments.


Get Steve’s complete apartment buying course as a bonus gift so you’re armed with powerful action steps to keep taking your success as a real estate investor to the next level. 

With the right knowledge tools and resources, everyone can be successful in real estate

Week 7: Learn how to finish property rehab on-time and on-budget using Steve’s complete 14-day investor rehab system. Find out how to “flip the script” on contractors to find and screen contractors, manage your rehab to stay on budget and rent your property at top market value. Using Steve’s step-by-step rehab process complete with contract templates, your investments are protected with built-in clauses and oversight systems without any expensive mistakes.

Week 8: Get Steve’s complete 5-Step property management system to establish hands-off investments that pull in consistent cash flow each and every month straight to your bank account. From asset performance reviews that ensure maximum profits to remote property manager oversight systems, Steve shares his secrets of asset management so know exactly how to manage your assets and build wealth with simple, time-saving methods. This way, you get the system to maintain your consistent cash flow while you continue to acquire properties and expand.

Here’s How It Works:

The Bronze Coaching Program is a hands-on actionable training so you learn, implement and achieve using results-proven systems and tactics that fast track your success as a real estate investor in the market today. 

Schedule 30 Minutes Daily to Learn: Every aspect of your training is executed to walk you through the process with ease and convenience. Each day, you’ll receive an email and new video lesson with action plans to follow and implement. Schedule just 30 minutes to learn each day to gain results-proven actionable education on the fast track to achieve results.  
Phone Support Details
Instant Access to Private Member-Only Training: Get instant access to your private member-only Bronze modular multi-media training and resources to have 24/7 convenience right at your fingertips. Watch videos, download essential templates, access checklists and find top resources to complete your training and take action from the comfort of your home. With easy access to your training and resources, you gain every advantage to succeed as a real estate investor. 
Schedule 60 Minutes Daily for Implementation: Your modular education is expertly designed so you have a clear step-by-step action plan to achieve as a real estate investor within 8 weeks of your program. Bronze Coaching is a hands-on training so you know exactly how, why and what to implement to achieve results. By scheduling just one hour each day for implementation of your action steps, you’ll own your first property within 90 days or less
Community Support Details
Live Event Details
Leverage Your Smartphone: Discover how to leverage your smartphone to do business at your convenience using the latest investor software solutions with the touch of your finger. You gain access to every step of Steve’s results-proven system to implement with seamless precision so you get more done without any of the hassle. Once you have your system in place, simply use your smartphone to monitor that process so that no matter where you are, your system is constantly working for you.
Login to Your Member-Only Community Daily: Stay in constant communication with the largest network of active U.S. real estate investors to share experiences and take advantage of networking and partnership opportunities. With instant access to your private member community, you join the insider fast track to establish connections with top movers and shakers to accelerate your success. Plus, post questions and get expert solutions from Steve and his team so you have expert guidance at your fingertips. Your community gives you support, accountability and guidance in real time to exponentially achieve your goals. 
Community Support Details
Live Event Details
Listen to Weekly Market Updates with Steve Martel: Every week, listen to weekly market updates with Steve Martel so you always have the latest strategies and insider scoop on what’s working in the market right now. Every Thursday, get your weekly market update podcast show with Steve to find out how to overcome challenges and achieve using little-known advanced tactics and behind-the-scenes strategies. Steve pulls back the curtain on all the latest market trends and strategies to keep pushing your forward momentum so you know how to replicate successful methods to implement action plans and achieve results. 

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