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I’ve never met a pilot who flew a plane without a license, nor a doctor that performs a surgery without being certified. Have you? Probably not.

Yet, Real Estate Agents get licensed without any formal training on how to effectively market themselves to the world.

You might have 99 problems, but after reading this article series, marketing won’t be one.

Who’s your ideal client?

How can you help them?

How can you reach them?

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In this final installment of a 4-part blog series on how to get you out of obscurity, we’re going to be talking about the transformation that you can bring to your client’s world.

We call it a ‘Before & After Grid’, and it’s the last puzzle piece you’ll need to be able to identify exactly how you will be changing clients’ lives.

Before We Go Any Further…

Understand that transformation is the underlying principle in business & entrepreneurship.

Businesses exist for the sole purpose of solving problems. They provide solutions, and their ability to do so determines their level of success.

Those solutions effectively provide a transformation within their customers’ lives. Life becomes much easier, simpler, and essentially less stressful.

When you’re marketing your products & services, you must address the transformation that you will bring into people’s lives in order to influence their decision to do business with you.

How Can You Accomplish This?

A good place to start is by understanding how we all make decisions. This might seem a bit simplistic, but you can really boil down any decision to this:

Pleasure - Pain

People make their decisions based off of their ability to avoid pain and to pursue pleasure, and typically avoiding pain is the greater motivator of the two.

If you want to be successful at persuading people to make the decision to do business with you, then you need to associate NOT doing business with you with PAIN, and doing business with you with PLEASURE.

When you do this effectively, you will bring hope, excitement, and joy into your client’s life, and that is WHAT GOOD BUSINESS IS ALL ABOUT!

We Want to Help!

We’ve put together a sheet that is going to help you speak to the transformation that you will achieve for your clients. We call it the Before & After Grid, and you will find it as you scroll down just a bit further.

Within the Before & After Grid you will find 3 columns. In the first column, you’ll want to assess your client’s life before they are introduced to your product or service. The second column is where you will describe what the client’s life is like after you’ve done business with them. Finally in the third column you will create headlines for your advertising that will speak to the transformation you’ve just outlined.

Use the Before & After Grid to effectively market your business to the world by speaking to transformations.

If you found this article useful, or if there’s something we might have left out, you can always post your comments and questions on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear from you!

Trevor MacCalder

”I believe that it’s within a culture of positive interaction and meaningful relationships that great things inevitably happen.”

Trevor MacCalder

”I believe that it’s within a culture of positive interaction and meaningful relationships that great things inevitably happen.”