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Who are you?

What do you do?

How do you do it differently than your competition?

These are all questions that your prospects are asking themselves when they see your ads or answer your calls, and if you don’t do a good enough job of separating yourself from the herd, then you will fade away quicker than a Kardashian marriage.

We get it, getting your name out there is hard — but it doesn’t have to be! Stop wasting your time trying to reinvent the wheel, and understand that there is a hierarchy of influence that exists out there.

How to Properly Position Yourself

In this blog series we’re going to provide the formula for properly positioning yourself within your market so that you can jump-start building your business.

It all starts with understanding how the hierarchy works. Check out the pyramid below.

The Authority Pyramid

The simple matter of fact is, if you are trying to be everything to everyone, then you are stretching yourself too thin.

The more specific you get with the audience that you are trying to reach, the more influence you will have within that niche.

Look at doctors; you have a general practitioner and then you have a surgeon. Which gets paid more money? The surgeon! Why? Because they are harder to replace on account of their specialized knowledge. And who do you think has the most influence of them all? Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil because they’re on TV.

That’s just how it works.

So if you’re in real estate, decide what niche you’re going to specialize in. Is it a specific community? Is it a specific demographic? It’s your decision, but it’s an important decision.

This is probably going to be one of the most unconventional articles you’ll ever read.

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Toolkit

So What’s Your First Step?

The first step is identifying the target…in this case, it’s your target audience…or, said another way, it’s your ideal client.

Why Is This Important?

Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Simply put, if you’re selling a solution then you need to know what the problem is, and different demographics have different problems.

The sooner you can identify your target client, the sooner you can identify their biggest problems, then go about finding solutions.

Question #1: Determine what they want and how they want to achieve it

What are their goals and values?

Question #2: Determine what’s preventing them from achieving their goal

What are their challenges & pain points?

Question #3: Sources of Information

What influences them? Where are they getting their info from?

Question #4: Determine their beliefs that are holding them back from building a relationship with you

What are the objections to the sale?

The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Toolkit

Use Our Work

Since this entire blog article is about not reinventing the wheel, we thought we would include something that will make it easier for you to determine your target audience.

Use our avatar sheet below, and check out our next blog where we will show you the next step in positioning yourself as an authority within your niche.

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Trevor MacCalder

”I believe that it’s within a culture of positive interaction and meaningful relationships that great things inevitably happen.”

Trevor MacCalder

”I believe that it’s within a culture of positive interaction and meaningful relationships that great things inevitably happen.”