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7 Ways to Develop A Heightened Level of Self-Awareness in Order to See Incredible Opportunities Around You Just Like The Ultra-Successful Do

Have you ever wondered how a South African boy who moved to Canada back in 1990 was able to start his first company, with a loan of $28,000 from his father, and three years later, sell it for $22 million?

Within that same year, he created yet another company using $10 million of his own funds, and then three years later sold it for $165 million, at 31 years old to eBay.

Following this, he decided to teach himself rocket science and create his own space rocket program, with $100 million and a goal of creating cheaper rocket ships, when there were no buyers for this kind of product yet. At the same time, he took another $50 million and started creating electric powered cars, even though dozens of companies had tried and failed many times before.

Faced with failure after failure, Elon Musk put all of his own money into his projects. He neared bankruptcy, had no security fund, risked it all, and today is now worth over $20.1 Billion. He is also currently one of the world’s biggest names when it comes to saving our planet.

Did he know something we didn’t about rocket ships or electric powered cars? Or did he possess a secret skill in his mind that propelled him towards success? Or…

Is Elon Musk’s Level of Self-Awareness Higher Than The Average?

What about Richard Branson? A good friend of mine who, back in the 70s, loved to gossip and smoke pot, so he started (see his business ventures here) his own magazine that later transformed into a record store, which then grew into a brand that owns over 400 companies (and counting). He now has a net worth of over $6 billion.

Did he have specific knowledge that the average person doesn’t? An inside scoop?

Is Richard Branson’s Self-Awareness Heightened Because He’s A “Sir”?

Or what about somebody who created something beautiful and amazing, and was then fired from his own company? He turned around and created 2 new companies, only for his original company, Apple, to come begging for him to return, and turn it into one of the world’s wealthiest companies.

Did Steve Jobs know a secret we don’t?

Was Steve Jobs Self-Awareness Responsible For Apple Having More Cash Then The United States?

On the other hand, you have people that are given millions upon millions of dollars and lose it all within five years.

70% of lottery winners go broke and one-third file for bankruptcy within five years of winning the jackpot. Let that sink in for a moment. Five years, bankrupt. Would it be because they have little to no self-awareness?

The same goes for professional sports players. 70% of NFL players go broke and file for bankruptcy within two years of retirement. 60% of NBA players go broke within five years, 70% of major league baseball players and it gets worse for soccer players, boxers and MMA fighters. These are REAL statistics.

So why is it that people like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and tens of thousands of millionaires and billionaires seem to have the Midas touch? Everything they touch turns into gold, while others are handed huge amounts of money out of luck or talent and lose it all.

It all comes down to the 7 Irrefutable Core Traits of The Ultra-Successful & The Ability to Master the 7 Levels of Self-Awareness

Today, I want to focus on Core Trait #2 of the Ultra-Successful:

  • The Ultra Successful have internalized the 7 Levels of Self-Awareness. They perceive life differently, allowing them to identify and create opportunities that most people are blind to.

The Ultra-Successful perceive life completely differently, their level of self-awareness is extremely high.

Most people – 97% of the population to be exact, conform, settle and drift through life attempting to live a ‘normal’ life in order to ‘fit’ in.

They never have control and live disempowered lives acting as victims to every circumstance that arise.

The Ultra-Successful on the other end – the 3% who control the world and every circumstance that it brings – are proactive and continuously see secrets, hidden opportunities that are all around them based on the lens they perceive the world through and their level of self-awareness.

They are able to identify and create opportunities that most people are blind to because of this ability to see the world and every experience differently from the normal ‘conformer’.

In order to be able to identify the secret “hidden arrows”, just like the one hidden in the FedEx Logo, you need to have a heightened sense of self-awareness.


Opportunities are abundant all around us. Sometimes they are right under our noses. Yet, we simply cannot see them because we are not open to new possibilities.

My wife, Crystal, shared with me a fable that inspired me which I want to share with you (with slight modifications to prove my point).

“Secret “Hidden” Opportunities Don’t Always Appear As We Expect Them To”

There once was a woman named Margaret who was passionately searching for the meaning of life… She asked God to appear to her and to show her the way out of her current life circumstances.

On her journey seeking God, she found a secret scroll that said God always appears on the summer solstice on the highest mountain of the Holy Land.

So of course, Margaret started climbing the mountain. She finally got to the top, knelt down, closed her eyes and prayed and prayed for God to appear in front of her so that he could answer her questions.

During her prayer, a crippled old woman, approaching with a cane, tapped Margaret on her shoulder asking if she needed any help. Margaret took a quick glimpse and asked the lady to leave, as she was on an important mission to discover the meaning of life and did not want to be disturbed.

God walked away from her, cane in hand, never to appear in front of Margaret ever again.

As much as Margaret desperately desired to meet God and believed unequivocally that it would happen, her perceptions, interpretation, and her level of self-awareness blinded her from the truth.

God had appeared right in front of her just like she asked, but she couldn’t see it with her eyes because she was expecting something different and was not open to new ideas.

Your level of self-awareness is what dictates how you perceive and interpret life every single day. It will dictate how you live every experience or event that happens at every second of your life.

The poor live in fight-or-flight mode, complaining about everything that happens to them. They are reactive to any and all circumstances that happen in their lives, claiming ‘that’s just life’.

The Ultra-Successful stop and think of what the ‘regular people’ complain about, and create solutions to both solve a problem for the ‘complainers’ and profit.

“To Launch a Business Means Successfully Solving Problems.”
– Sir Richard Branson

Let’s say at home you show great pride in ownership with your manicured green lawn, yet your next door neighbor hasn’t cut his grass all summer, and he now has 3 foot high weeds growing everywhere.

What’s your instinct?

  1. Do nothing about it. You complain to your wife and get angry, and let it ruin your day every time you step outside and see the monstrosity?
  2. Conform, follow suit and convince yourself there’s no point in keeping up your lawn if he’s not going to?
  3. Build yourself up to confront your neighbor, yelling at him for not having pride in ownership, and lowering your property value?
  4. Take your own lawn mower and cut the darn lawn yourself to get the problem dealt with?
  5. Call the city by-law and complain to get your neighbor fined? Or lastly
  6. View it as a potential opportunity. Stop & Think about why your neighbor may be letting his house go like that. Put yourself in his shoes, embody his potential emotions, do some research, find out if he’s struggling, behind on his mortgage or underwater. Is there a way you could purchase his property and rent it back to him? It could be an opportunity to make a quick $50k by connecting the dots and helping him in return get out of hot water.

You see, there are many different ways of interpreting every single circumstance you go through in life.

We all live the same experiences, yet interpret and choose to respond in different ways based on our level of self-awareness.

Now, let’s take a look at the 7 levels of self-awareness together,

As seen above, you’ll find the Roadmap to Self-Awareness Mastery (Advance teachings you can find here)

Let’s now dive into the theory of Self-awareness.

The 7 levels of self-awareness can be broken down into 3 different tiers of success:

  1. The first and lowest tier of self-awareness is called “the naive”. More than 95% of the world’s population lives at this level of self-awareness or lack thereof.

    The naive are people that ‘wish’ they could be rich but are jealous and resentful. They have the ability to complain about everything around them in their lives, yet never do anything about it.

    Their brains run on auto control 99.99% of the time without ever stopping to think for themselves. They have accepted conformity, mediocrity and follow the path they believe has been laid out for them. Within the “naive” category, there are three types of people.

  2. The contrarians have achieved tremendous levels of success and live on their time. They understand that smart leverage always wins and they have stopped trading dollars for hours. They control their thoughts, take immediate action and they are leaders. There are two levels of awareness within this category.

  3. The elite controls the world. They have built their enterprises around the idea of helping other people. They know that life is a game to master and have a mission to help others around them through information and/or philanthropy.

    They find solutions to people’s problems and seek efficiency in everything. They have more money than they know what to do with. Time is still what they value most.

It’s very important for you to make the realization that your income, the quality of your relationships, your happiness and freedom is directly related to your level of self-awareness.

The more self-aware you are, the more opportunities you will see.

Now let’s break down the first tier of self-awareness…

The Naive:

  1. Self-Awareness Level 1: Survival. At this level, you are in “fight-or-flight” mode. You allow your current circumstances, not goals or desires, to dictate your life. Everything happens to you as if you are a victim and it is everyone else’s fault. You react emotionally without control and let bad habits ‘calm you down’ (ie. smoking, overeating, drinking, drugs or other self-destructive habits), never willing to change. These people can only hold part-time jobs while relying on government subsidies and handouts.

  2. Self-Awareness Level 2: Follower. You have accepted your ‘reality’ and are a poster child for the system. You follow what has been taught without ever questioning and follow the crowd. You don’t set goals as they only provide disappointment like new year’s resolutions do. You settle for routine, safety, and conformity rather than thinking for yourself and being creative. Your biggest ambitions are plans for the weekend and the occasional family vacation. Your retirement is in the hands of someone else and you will start ‘living’ off your pension once you are in the last quarter of your life. You wish you could be rich, but will likely grab a beer and binge-watch another tv series over the weekend.

  3. Self-Awareness Level 3: Dreamer. You are somebody that has had some kind of awakening or has been exposed to someone else’s success and never realized that it takes about 5 years to be an overnight success. You realize you are stuck in a certain situation and desire more out of the short life we are all given. You are full of ideas, share those ideas with everyone around you, dream about success, even start a few steps to get closer. But you never seem to follow through. You get distracted by the next, way better idea. When nothing works, you quit and come up with a million excuses for why it didn’t work and it’s never because you half-assed every step and quit too early. And now, you blame everything and everyone for not being successful. You retract to your old ways and bad habits, forgetting that the key to success is persistence until the next shiny object appears only to start the cycle over again.

The Contrarian:

  1. Self-Awareness Level 4: Thinker. You have found your voice, creativity and developed your own uniqueness. You know what needs to happen in order to achieve your goals. You start, you take action and are determined. But old paradigms seem to continuously hold you back at the slightest sign of pressure or roadblocks. You are determined to succeed so you keep trying over and over, but always hit a plateau and retract to old ways of thinking.
  2. Self-Awareness Level 5: Obsessed.You create an obsession with your vision. You clearly know your goals and are aware of what needs to happen in order to grow. You know your old paradigms and bad habits that hold you back. You’re willing to learn in order to create the right resources to become successful. You are still in a battle with your environment & circle of friends may still hold you back. You’re obsessed, but not willing to stop spending time with those of negative influence.

    And lastly, we have the third tier of self-awareness…

The Elite:

  1. Self-Awareness Level 6: Accomplished. You have now achieved great success, believe that you have all the necessary tools to accomplish anything, live in a new world of beliefs, and have developed a successful formula for making money. You change your routines and continuously work on a daily basis to create new, successful paradigms, beliefs and habits.

  2. Self-Awareness Level 7: Enlightened. You are living the life you have designed. You gained clarity on your emotions, always think 7 steps ahead and are fully in control of your habits. You have experienced, keep duplicating, and now share with the world a new way of life that is not taught to us and you are now working on your empire and legacy.

    As you can see, the 7 levels of self-awareness are extremely important and have brought you to the reality that you are currently facing.A lowered level of self-awareness is what is preventing you from achieving the life of your dreams and the ultra-successful have achieved their success due to their level of self-awareness.

    “The Only Reason You’re Making $100,000/year And Not $100,000/Month Is Simply Because You Are Unaware Of How To Make $100,000/Month” – Bob Proctor

    If you knew how you would already be doing it. No one wants to make less of the same effort.

    No one.

    Focus on heightening your level of self-awareness and learn how by surrounding yourself with the right people.

    To better demonstrate the power of self-awareness. Let me share with you, my favorite example.

    The DMV Experiment:

    No matter how rich you are, renewing your driver’s license is something no one can avoid if you want to be able to drive a vehicle.

    Unless you have an identical twin or you’re a politician with a body double, a new license picture can only be taken by you, even if you’re a billionaire with ‘people’. There are parts of North America where you can do it online now, but for the sake of the example, let’s say that doesn’t yet exist.

    I don’t know about you, but the department of motor vehicles in Canada can be the one place everyone wants to avoid! There are usually very long lines with a ton of unpleasant people that like to make it obvious that they are unhappy.

    Now, let’s look at how three people can perceive the world in three different ways depending on their level of self-awareness going through the very same experience.

    Subject 1: ‘Welfare Tom’

    Let’s call him Tom. Tom is on welfare. All his life he’s been in and out of part-time jobs and nothing seems to work for him. He’s up to date on all Netflix & HBO series’, hates the current government, but never voted because ‘they are all crooks’.

    Tom hasn’t really put much thought into having to renew his license except for going at the very last minute, and at the same time he goes out to pick up his check. As he pulls up to the DMV he is thinking about the many other things he could be doing instead of this and doesn’t understand why they couldn’t mail his license to his apartment.

    As he enters the building, he curses loudly, making his misery very evident. While waiting in line, he becomes more and more impatient and makes sure everyone around him knows it. He starts telling people how this is ridiculous, escalates to other inefficiencies of the city and government, and shares all of his other miseries to whoever gives him eye contact. As he approaches the counter he starts yelling at the teller, who’s just doing his job, complaining about the amount of time he’s been waiting, how it’s the same at the courthouse, at the welfare house, and goes on and on.

    Subject 2: ‘Ambitious Sandra’

    Let’s call her Sandra – She has 2 kids in their teens, she’s a full-time insurance office receptionist who also recently started running a side business proofing documents for people around the world using Upwork.

    She requested a long lunch to renew her license over 2 weeks ago and is actually excited about the break. It’s the perfect time for her to listen to her new audiobook on running a successful outsourcing business. It has been challenging to find time to read her book, so she downloaded her audiobook for this reason, and thought she may be able to get at least 30 minutes to an hour of ‘reading’ accomplished. At home when she tries to read or listen to an audiobook, she finds herself getting distracted by the kids and her husband.

    Sandra is happy about getting a few minutes to herself in her own thoughts while learning the things she needs to know to grow her business. She cannot even hear Tom cursing in the background, because she has her headphones on, and just finds the expressions he is making ridiculous. She ignores him and gets lost in her book.

    Subject 3: ‘Sir Richard Branson’

    Sir Richard Branson, the ‘Virgin Empire’ Billionaire, is looking forward to the experience as this is one of the very rare occasions he gets to be in the customer’s shoes and witness first-hand something that the average person dreads. He is always looking for ways to improve (himself, his businesses, and the lives of others) and he knows that there are opportunities for all three of those while he renews his license.

    As he walks from the car to the building, he takes in the exterior of the building. He studies the upkeep, the signs, and how the cars are parked. He wants to understand how the government creates the environment of the DMV that everyone dreads. While waiting in line, his studying continues. He people-watches; paying attention to their facial expressions, their body language, what they are doing, the lack of assistance during the waiting period, the wait time, the colors, the smells, the lack of entertainment and how they look when they leave. ALL OF IT.

    He does all of this so he can provide a better experience for his customers. Let’s say a Virgin flight gets canceled and there are so many negative people in a room, much like a DMV. How can he better this experience for them?

    When he greets the teller, he feels a sense of gratitude towards them as he just got the opportunity to think of ways that he can improve his business simply by observing others. He recognizes an opportunity to add value to someone’s day by somehow getting the teller to laugh (I mean, how much fun can that job be…remember Tom?). He notices the teller’s name tag and calls him by his first name, makes a little joke and compliments the teller for his extraordinary patience working with so many miserable people that will take it out on him. Both he and the teller leave the interaction in a positive mood and go on to have great days. The teller goes home at the end of the day and has a great story to tell his wife about this kind gentleman that made his day, whether he knew it was a billionaire or not.

    All three of them are at the same place, at the same time, experiencing the same thing….

    But all three of them perceived the same experience through a different mindset depending on their level of self-awareness, which led them to a completely different interpretation.

    Looking at Tom’s example, he let the situation control his experience and essentially let someone, or something, steal his happiness. It was his decision to be miserable for the rest of the day, no one else’s.

    Then there’s Sandra who was looking forward to her time at the DMV and lastly, there’s Sir Richard Branson, the business owner, that is looking for these types of scenarios as he sees an opportunity to learn how to improve his business.

    Your self-awareness is everything. If you want to be successful, then you need to adjust the lens through which you perceive the world.