Find out how to implement 6 daily habits of the ultra-prosperous.

Whether you realize it or not, about 90% of the decisions we make on a daily basis occurs at an unconscious level. Those day to day decisions that become your routine are nothing more than unconscious habits. 

Once you become aware of what habits you DO want to implement into your daily life, you become empowered with conscious decision-making that changes your life. I personally use the following 6 habits every day so that I’m constantly pushing myself forward to achieve.

#1: Continuous Learning

Don’t ever let a day go by without learning.

Whether you’re talking to your coach, reading a new book, watching videos or taking a course, learning is the sort of activity that repays you ten-fold on your investment of time.

Of all the ways that you can learn, reading books is by far the most important. I am constantly reading new books to gain inspiration, ideas, motivation and more. As you apply continuous learning into your daily routine, your mind starts to function at a much faster speed, giving you a boost in creativity and productivity at the same time.

#2: Goal Setting

How often are you reviewing your own personal and professional goals… Would it surprise you to know that the most successful people are goal setting at least twice a day, every day?

Giving your mind a roadmap for the day and specific goals helps you constantly work in that direction to achieve. Every morning and every evening, spend at least 10 – 15 minutes reviewing your goals and reflecting on ways to make that happen. I usually create a list of tasks for the following day every evening, and review my task the next morning. Try it, it’s amazing what a little planning can do.


#3: Network

No one accomplishes anything alone. 

If you want to get more done, stay connected with your network and make an active action to reach out to others. Whether it’s email, text, a phone call or IRL meetings, be sure to network with at least 5 people each day. This helps you expand your network and gain the benefit of ideas and momentum from your circle of influence.


#4: Exercise

Instead of focusing solely on your work, be sure to take a daily dose of exercise so you can perform at optimal levels.

Even a 20-minute workout can help get your mind and body working at a much more focused and accelerated rate. The more you implement this as part of your day to day life, the easier it is to exercise everyday – which is not only good for your performance and results, it’s also vital for long-term health overall. I personally like to workout in the evenings, but others prefer midday breaks or mornings. Pick whatever time works for your schedule and stick to it.

#5: Relax

You need to allow your mind and body to rest every day and just relax.

Avoid watching hours of TV and missing out on all your relaxing, try just sitting comfortably or listening to music for at least a few minutes a day. There’s an amazing amount of information buzzing around in your mind at any given time, so a few minutes relaxing helps you to process information and clear your mind of any clutter and distractions.

#6: Mastermind

There’s so much power in networking with your inner circle! Whether it’s sharing experiences, ideas, successes, challenges or otherwise, successful people know the value of masterminds.

Find your team of 3 or more individuals to connect and make it a daily habit to check in. Whether you’re offering up support or others are helping you, this is one of the most beneficial habits that every successful person needs to continue to achieve.

Steve Martel
Steve Martel is a serial 8-figures/yr business magnet, real estate mogul, millionaire philanthropist, author, educator, public figure & happily married father of 4 little munchkins under 10. His teachings and concepts have revolutionised the lives of over 100,000 entrepreneurs around the world and he has consulted 428 clients who’ve collectively created businesses worth over $560 million in the last 5 years alone.