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Don’t Get Swamped By New Tech!

First thing’s first: we’re not going to call it “marketing technology” any more. If you want to impress anyone – it doesn’t matter if they know everything or nothing about the business – you’ve got to portmanteau that essay into something sexier…


Dang, that’s more like it. “Martech.” I might just say that word aloud next time I’m in a cafe to see what other people think about it. If I was reading a book with a cup of coffee, minding my own business, and I heard somebody say into their phone “gimme the numbers on that new martech thing,” I’d probably just forget about everything I was doing and eavesdrop like crazy.

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“Hmm? Someone Say Something About Martech..?”

Now that we’ve established the phonetic masterpiece that is “martech,” let’s talk about how vast of a subject martech is.

This article’s about how to stay on top of the martech world. There is A LOT of material out there, with more being developed all the time. There is absolutely no way that you or anyone is going to keep track of every moving part of the martech machine with only twenty-four hours in a day and one brain in your head.

Consider the Marketing Technology Landscape graphic.

In 2011, chiefmartec.com’s Scott Brinker released the Marketing Technology Landscape graphic: a visual compilation of every marketing technology solution available. Its purpose was to showcase the diversity of martech tools available in 2011. There were around 150 that first year…

“I feel overwhelmed!”

Fast forward just seven years later, and…

“…are you serious?”

The 2018 graphic contains 6,829 solutions – that’s 27% more than the previous year (5,381 solutions).

Once designed to show what was available in the present, this Landscape graphic has since become an annual tradition that better showcases the astronomical growth of the martech industry. The graphic isn’t really supposed to be like a menu anymore – it’s meant to show off how crazy everything has become.

I know what you’re thinking: “I swear, if one of this article’s 5 Ways is to google each one of those 6,829 solutions until I find the perfect one, then I am officially out of here!!!

Credit: Reddit: PsBPsBattle: Gandalf Using A Mac

“6,821… No. 6,822… Nah. 6,823… Yes! Perfect!”

Relax. The article is called 5 Ways, not 6,829 Ways. Sheesh.


According to statista, roughly 70 percent of the population of North America has at least one social media account.

In a social industry like marketing, social media presence and savviness is power. If you’re not yet on board, I’d highly recommend doing so. The newest and hottest stuff floats to the top. Anyway, so you’re virtually guaranteed to see the leading products and opinions on a plethora of subjects relevant to your search.

Credit: Anatoliy Babiy

“Getting some serious Martech Landscape vibes, here.”

For most business social media accounts, their settings will be set to “public” so you don’t even need your own account to view their content. I’m looking at a bunch of Twitter pages right now, and I’m not even signed into my Twitter.

The following is a list of social media platforms (assembled by Pew) ranking from most to least popular among adults in the United States in 2018:

YouTube (73% of all adults)
Facebook (68%)
Instagram (35%)
Pinterest (29%)
Snapchat (27%)
LinkedIn (25%)
Twitter (24%)
WhatsApp (22%)

Keep in mind that a lot of these social media platforms have different focuses. Instagram is driven by visuals, for example, while Facebook is more interpersonal – it’s becoming more commercial. In my personal opinion, Twitter is king when it comes to sharing opinions like martech trends.

A lot of these pages are interconnected too. I won’t write out a big roadmap on exactly what you should do, because that’s absurd. As long as you learn how to explore for yourself, then you’ll find yourself immersed in useful, contemporary information.

It’s as easy as googling: “facebook martech” or “twitter martech,” etc.

Check out this amazing page to discover 53 popular hashtags (a word or phrase used to identify messages on a specific topic) pertaining to “martech.”

And hey, if “martech” isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, try searching that site for exactly what you’re looking for.


I’m not selling NoHype’s services. I’m not!

But if you’re thinking “geez, I really wish I could just talk to someone who really knows their stuff, and wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction,” then look up a local marketing agency. It’s their job to be in the know, and while I can’t speak on behalf of our competition, I can tell you that companies like, uh, let me just pull a random name out of the air, NoHype, would be happy to chat. 🙂


Not to toot my own horn, but I read through a lot of material in order to gather enough information for this article. Like… A LOT. That’s why it’s such a good article so far.

In practically all-capitalized letters, every single article told me to utilize Google Alerts.

Maybe I should have said this first: It’s FREE!

I mean, all this stuff is free, but to tap into google’s massive data banks and extract useful data and patterns that can help businesses thrive… that’s pretty crazy. It’s an excellent way to maintain your online reputation, as well as to identify where your services are in demand.

Either read this article, or check out this YouTube tutorial on how to use Google Alerts – it’s just over 11 minutes long, but you’ll realize in the first minute that Google Alerts (and the video creator, Ahrefs) is the real deal.


Believe it or not, business can be quite the spectacle. Conventions and seminars can be (literally) pyrotechnical events, where you not only learn about what’s hot in the bizz, but have a good time.

So if you’ve had just about enough of the ol’ swivler, stand up, suit up, and go have a good time at a convention – socialize, network, whatever, but be prepared to learn from the best, and to be among the best learners.

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“Wrestlemania, or Tony Robbins..?”

Which conference should I attend?

The writer in me is kind of peeved by what I’m about to do…

But if you want to learn not only about why you can benefit from attending martech conferences, but which conferences are the real deal, then all you have to do is visit this page.

Ugh. I wanted to write that article! I wanted to help you change your life, but dangit, someone else hit that article out of the park. I mean… I guess the layout could use a bit of work, but the sub-headlines got all the necessary buzzwords to grab your attention, and the content is exactly what you need.


It’s some people’s business to know what will make your business grow. Some people live and breath what’s new, what’s hot, what will make life easier, what isn’t working, etc. Check out these four different blogs – each one has a distinct flavour – but they all know their stuff.

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO (https://www.mattcutts.com/blog/) – this blog is as much about life as it is about tech. Whether you want to read about important things like Google/SEO (554 posts), Linux/Ubuntu (28), Chrome (25), or fun things like Food (6 posts), Halloween (19), Leftovers (5), then Matt Cutts has you covered.

Rand Fishkin: SparkToro (https://sparktoro.com/about) – founder of SEOmoz Rand Fishkin is a leading expert on online influencing. He helped create SparkToro, whose vision (taken right from their website) is to “help people do better marketing by making the publications, people, and sources that influence any audience more transparent.”

My gosh. With a vision like that, I’m amazed that I haven’t ditched writing this article to read it.

Bill Hartzer: BillHartzer.com (https://www.billhartzer.com/) is the soylent of tech blogs: no nonsense, no fancy flavor, no wasted time or space. “BillHartzer.com does not publish articles about fluffy rainbows and feel-good, shareable funny cat photos. You can read those articles and see those posts on other websites, like BuzzFeed, or Bored Panda.”

Dang, Bill. When a website refers to itself in the third person, you know it means business.

Neil Patel: NeilPatel.com (https://neilpatel.com/blog/) This guy is absolutely prolific. Not only has be produced A LOT of high-quality material on his blogs, but it’s





so, you feel like you’re just crushing information like a tech fiend.

Wrapping It Up…

These are only four out of sooo many blogs and websites out there that can offer incredible value. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the quantity of quality stuff out there, so make sure you never rely on any single source. A good influencer doesn’t even need to be correct to influence people.

For example, did you know that putting polished river stones (make sure the source is certified-downstream) on your stomach while you are lying supine for just 17.2 hours a day for an entire week can result in a perfect six-pack?

Courtesy of retrofunk


That’s a humongous lie. Please don’t ever do that. I was a famous actor, though, or if my Instagram page looked pretty legit, then I might be more inclined to believe me. I mean, I did use a fancy word like “supine” as well as a less-than-expected number of hours, which kind of suggests that I know what I’m talking about.

So please don’t google all 6,829 of the Marketing Technology Landscape solutions… ESPECIALLY with so little of 2018 left. You’ll probably still be going through the list by the time the next graphic (now called a supergraphic) is published, and I think it’s safe to assume that the 2019 Landscape will contain somewhere in the ballpark of 25% more solutions.

There’s no need to flail about in the rising waters of martech. Instead, stay on top of the flood by chilling in your metaphorical floaty flamingo. Not only is it a lot comfier than the ol’ swivler, but by following any of the above 5 points, it can even be a fun ride.

What’s Your Go-To Source For Keeping Up With Marketing Technology?