It’s true, you are your own worst enemy. Find out how to overcome the most common mistakes that hold you back from success.

I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals from all different backgrounds and expertise, and there are certain undeniable qualities that every successful person has. These raw qualities really distinguish those who achieve massive success from the masses.

And more often than not, these raw qualities are consciously developed by overcoming those limiting unconscious habits that hold you back. Once you know how to overcome limiting behaviours, you start to move forward at an exponential rate to achieve.

So without further adieu, here are the top 3 mistakes that hold you back from success.

1. You Don’t Fight

No matter what obstacle you’re facing, the path to overcome any obstacle begins with a fight. If you give up too easily and are quick to rationalize your losses, you’re missing out.

The secret to success starts with a burning drive to achieve. If you know what you want, never let anything or anyone stand in your way.

Sure, it may take time and effort, but nothing is worse than a living a lie.

Now, the reasons that someone gives up and doesn’t fight can be complex. Maybe fighting was discouraged in your early life and you’ve created an aversion to it as an adult. Maybe you just haven’t consciously addressed what it is you want and are willing to fight for.

Whether it’s fear of success, fear of failure, general detachment or otherwise, it’s all about you. Find out how to tap into your inner motivation and get your fight on.

(One trick I use if I’m feeling really lazy is to do a quick 20-minute bursts of exercise right before sitting down to plan out my action plans… works like a charm!)

2. You’re Too Comfortable

Life is for the living! You may thing that you’re giving yourself a “relaxing” life by staying in your comfort zone, but the truth is your comfort zone is not necessarily where you are happy.

Your comfort zone is just where you have grown accustomed to being. There’s no real benefit to staying in that place, unless you are truly where you want to be.

For most people, success starts outside of your comfort zone because that initial push past fear, excitement and doubt is a little uncomfortable.

Don’t worry though, it get’s VERY comfortable once you start to achieve, and THAT becomes your new and improved comfort zone.

3. You’re Locked in a Waiting Pattern

There is only one commodity on this earth that is truly invaluable and irreplaceable…


Do not waste even a moment of your time “waiting” because, I hate to burst your bubble but… there is no perfect time.
Whatever it is you want to achieve, you can do it. No obstacle or challenge is too big for your own mind.

Do you want to start your own business? Are you looking for a new career path? Is it time for you to start writing your book? It really doesn’t matter what your desire is, what matters is that you respect yourself and your time enough to get it going. There’s always a way to get started and make important headway to reach your true goals.

There are so many individuals who pause their happiness just ‘waiting for the right time’…

The right time is now.

Find a way to get started, push yourself and fight like hell.

And those are the top 3 mistakes that hold you back from becoming a huge success. The irony is, these are simply unconscious negative habits.

Once you become conscious of these mistakes, you start to unleash the limitless power of your own will – and that’s a force to reckoned with.