Canada has proved to be a great friend to the U.S. real estate market.

We both share a border, which has proved peaceful and convenient for both residents.  In the past, the American dollar has always proved stronger than the Canadian dollar but within today’s economic market, that is not the case. Currently, the Canadian dollar is proving strong against the American dollar, which is why it is the perfect time for Canadians to invest into U.S. real estate, especially in the state of Arizona.  Canadians should not wait to take advantage of the numerous opportunities for investment in the beautiful state of Arizona.

The following are reasons why Canadians are investing into U.S. real estate in Arizona

  • The Canadian dollar is currently strong.  This means that Canadians can purchase more U.S. real estate in Arizona for their dollar.  Arizona proves a great investment opportunity due to the numerous discounts in real estate offered as well as foreclosure investments.
  • Real estate in Arizona is for sale in multitudes of great opportunities for Canadian investors.  Arizona boasts sun all year round with beautiful golfing and luxurious communities at discount pricing.
  • There are numerous investment opportunities for fixing and flipping foreclosures and short sale properties.
  • U.S. Real estate purchases in Arizona are priced lower in comparison to the 1970s.
  • Canadians are choosing to invest into Arizona real estate because it proves safer for returns in comparison to the stock market.
  • Investing into U.S. real estate in Arizona proves sturdy and stable.  Canadian investors are experiencing excellent returns.
  • This is the perfect time for cross-border investing by Canadians.  Canadian investors are offering many joint opportunities for investment, which has never occurred in the past.
  • Canadians can purchase property with other people’s money primarily the banks while paying back the loan with other people’s money, which occurs from rental income from tenants on your property.
  • Canadians can invest into Arizona while resting assured that their investment would mature and appreciate.

Canadians are investing in U.S. real estate, which is why American companies are catering to these important investors.

All Canadian investors have to do is contact a great U.S. real estate investment firm that specializes in the area they are interested in investing. A great real estate investment firm can save Canadians tons of money by assisting them in acquiring profitable properties. There are endless investment opportunities for Canadians in Arizona as long as they take the time to find the best investment for their dollar. Arizona is a great place to live and invest in U.S. real estate for Canadians, which is why a great real estate investment firm will be happy and eager to show you the ropes while helping you find your new home or your next investment or retirement home.

Steve Martel – U.S. Real Estate