Because the Canadian winters can be so harsh, many savvy Canadian investors are becoming “snowbirds” and traveling south of the border to capitalize on U.S. real estate that is at the lowest levels seen in years.

The majority of these snowbirds are generally people who are retired and have the time to travel for extended periods. Many areas of the US offer have warm weather year round. This factor, along with its close proximity to Canada has prompted many Canadians to choose U.S. real estate for their yearly hiatus. Some of the most popular areas snowbirds choose are Florida, Arizona, Las Vegas and Texas. All of these places have warm weather, but each offers its own unique appeal in many other ways.

If you just want to relax in the sun all day, Florida offers a wide variety of sandy beaches. There is nothing like relaxing on the beach with a tropical drink in hand. Because it is such a popular snowbird destination, many destinations have a wide variety of eating and shopping establishments that have been built to cater to its temporary influx visitors.

There are also a wide variety of theme parks you can visit, which is of great pleasure when considering U.S. real estate.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Disney and Sea World are just for kids. They are full of fun and entertaining things for adults as well.
Arizona is another popular destination with the city of Scottsdale being one of the most popular. The weather here is a bit dryer than Florida, but just as warm. There are 27 different state parks that provide a wide variety of activities. Included among these is the Grand Canyon. Many parks are for the preservation of prehistoric finds. Native American heritage plays an important role in the culture and offers many unique experience options.
If Arizona isn’t what you are looking for, head North West to Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas offers more of a fast paced life style with en endless amount of entertainment. There is a wide variety of casinos to choose from, all of which have a constant supply of shows and events. There are also many things to do in the areas around the city. There are massive amounts of tourists who visit there, but this fuels the entertainment and night life culture of the city.
Southern Texas is also a popular snowbird destination. The people there are friendly and happy. Places like Galveston offer sunny beaches and sub tropical temperatures through the winter. There are also a variety of golf courses and eateries, shopping and other entertainment.

One of the major benefits of Texas is that it offers an option that is a little less expensive than some other U.S. real estate.

Canadian winters can be particularly tough, especially troublesome for the older generation. Rather than deal with this issue, it only makes sense to buy U.S. real estate and leave it behind. It is just like taking a long and relaxing vacation and makes for a better quality of life even after you return home.

Steve Martel – U.S. Real Estate