Currently, the Canadian dollar has a higher value than its American counterpart, which is great news for U.S. real estate investors.

U.S. real estateIn fact the Canadian economy has been growing so much in recent years that the value of the Loonie is at an all time high!  When you pair this information with the fact that the American real estate market is struggling, an opportunity begins to become clear.  Many Americans are facing foreclosure due to the poor U.S. economy.  This has flooded the market and caused housing priced to drop dramatically.  This makes U.S. real estate a great opportunity for Canadian investors.

One of the prime focal areas for U.S. real estate investment is the state of Texas.

It is located in the southern portion of the country along the Gulf of Mexico.  This is part of an area that is known as the Sun Belt.  Texas is the second largest state in the US in land area as well as total population.  Its large area makes it have a variety of different climate conditions in different areas of the state.  The prime areas of investment are in the southern most regions of the state where it is sunny most of the year an offers an expanse of beaches. Like many other areas of the U.S. real estate markets, Texas if facing the same situation with its real estate.  Many Americans have to give their houses over to the bank because they are unable to sell them or pay the note and just as many are lowering their home price in an attempt to sell before the bank closes in.   It is possible in some cases to find homes priced well below what they were previously valued.  These are the types of investment properties that can help you make the most profit.   There are two types of Canadian investors looking at Texas.  The first type is people who are looking to purchase the U.S. real estate property and hold or lease it while waiting for the market to turn around and property values to increase.  The second type of investor is one who is looking to purchase a second home.  Many of these are retired business professionals who are looking for an escape from the frigid Canadian winters.   No matter which type of investor you are, it is important to seek help when taking part in foreign investment.

There are many laws, regulations and practices in the U.S. real estate market that make the process of buying real estate tough for foreign investors.

For this reason locating a real estate agent or lender that is familiar with investing in US real estate is a must.   With the current real estate climate in the U.S., investing in Texas real estate is a winning opportunity.  Current data shows that the U.S. economy will rebound soon.  This is especially true in Texas because of the high of businesses stationed there.  To make the most of this situation, it is important to make your investments now.  The quick rebound in the area will allow for investments to mature more quickly than in some other areas of the U.S. real estate zones, making it one of the best places to invest your money.

Steve Martel – U.S. Real Estate