“How to Sell Directly to the Unconscious Mind... And Never Get Rejected Again...

Whether you’re raising money, selling a product or service, negotiating a deal – heck, even if you just want that free appetizer with your beer, once you know this (a secret that only the wealthiest individuals know about!), you’ll know how to get any result you want, from anybody, no matter what the situation.


  • From the Desk of Steve Martel

  • Ottawa, ON

Have you ever wondered why the wealthiest individuals consistently get everything for free?
Why is ‘it’ that one guy gets a brand new TV from BestBuy for retail price, and another guy, at the same store from the same sales person, gets the exact same model TV… for $500 less on the same day?
Why is ‘it’ that one gal drives away with a warning for speeding, while the other gal gets hit with a massive fine from the same cop on the same street on the same day?  
Or, what ‘it’ is that makes one candidate win an election, while another even more qualified candidate loses?
And why is ‘it’ that I raised just over $26.6 million dollars in private funding, while literally thousands of other real estate investors weren’t able to raise a dime for deals…
Because, once you know ‘it’… money is truly ‘no object’.
And I know that might sound ‘crazy’, so let me explain.
Over the last 5 years alone, I used this secret to:
  • Raise $26,600,000 dollars to acquire real estate;
  • Sell $23,900,000 dollars’ worth of product and services;
  • Build 6 businesses that generate multi-million dollar revenues (2 of which went from zilch to $10,000,000+ in less than 12 months),
  • Create and control a real estate portfolio worth $1 billion dollars.
All in a down market in one of the ‘worst economic recessions in modern history’, according to the experts.
Is it because I’m smarter than everyone?
Nope, I barely passed high school.
Is it because I was well connected and knew wealthy people?
Nope, that only happened after I discovered the secrets of persuasion and influence.
Is it because I have the ‘gift of gab’, or I’m more charming, or better looking?
Nope, I was terrified of public speaking when I was a kid, let alone raising my hand to ask a question in class.
Now, it may be that I’m just that good looking, although honestly my looks never got me very far. ;p
So what is ‘it’?
It’ is all because of ONE really well-kept secret that only 1% of the world even knows exists let alone use it.
One Secret That Shows You How to Get Your Way in ANY Situation!
I know it sounds far-fetched, I certainly thought so at first.
But once I started using ‘it’. I could get anything, from anyone like clockwork.
You see, from a very early age, I wanted to know what makes people ‘tick’.
Why do people walk a certain way, talk a certain way, wear the clothes they do, buy the things they do – I mean, all of it.
Why is it that some people are so positive, and others so negative?
Why are some people happy working ‘for the man’ at a 9-5 J.O.B., while millionaires and billionaires have all the money in the world, and get other people to do ALL of their boring work…
This all started when I was a kid.
My dad and I would ‘people watch’ while waiting for my mom and sister to finish shopping.
While we watched people, we’d make up funny situations and conversations to explain the body language and expressions to entertain ourselves. I didn’t know it then, but I was already practicing the subtle art of picking up body language and hidden motivators.
Then as a teen, I studied habits of the wealthy. I wanted to understand what skills they had, and how they managed to get out of the ‘rat race’ that society insists “is just the way life is” without any concrete, logical explanation. I wanted ‘in’ the wealthy club.
And I soon found out that…
The Top 1% ALL Have
One Important Trait in Common
(aside from bucket loads of money!)
The world’s wealthiest people all secretly understand that 97% of the human beings are PREDICATABLE.
Don’t feel bad about it, it’s just human nature… we’re creatures of habit.
From the food you eat and the music you like, to the clothes you buy or the movies you watch, whether you realize it or not, literally every single decision you make is based on unconscious ‘triggers’.
These triggers are deeply engrained in the very design of you brain, starting from the day you are born. You’re predictable because of these shared triggers that have kept the human species alive for thousands of years.
More importantly, all human behavior is predicable because…
Unconscious Triggers Are the Driving Force of Over 90% of ALL Decisions!
In other words, your triggers control you, just like everybody else.
And that’s how ‘they’ do ‘it’…  
The Art of Persuasion Shows You How to Use Triggers to Get What You Want, from ANYBODY!
And just in case you were wondering, no one is born a natural persuader, persuasion is a skill learned through training.
BUT, the moment you become aware of what triggers are and how triggers work, you start your journey to become a Master PROsuader™.
A Master PROsuader™ is someone who knows the art of persuasion and influence. And that is the skill that all of the most successful people on earth possess.
Because as a Master PROsuader™…
You Can Change Anyone’s Actions AND Beliefs  Simply by Playing Off ‘Triggers’
Can you imagine, getting what you want, when you want it… from anyone in the world?
Can you imagine immediately being able to identify personality types and their hot buttons to use specific triggers to persuade and influence?
Imagine all the things you want, now suddenly within your reach for free, or at steep, steep discount?
Whether it’s a free donut to go with your coffee, a free wall mount with your new TV, negotiating your new car for a crazy good price, getting out of speeding tickets, never waiting in lines, getting into exclusive clubs, free meals, making sales and getting more clients, getting a promotion, or raising money from private individuals or institutional bankers
Now YOU absolutely can do it!
You can literally achieve any desired outcome you can fathom if you know the art of identifying peoples ‘triggers’ and PROsuading™ their unconscious mind to take action.
Anyone can, once you have the right tools.
By presenting a strategically balanced logical and emotional ‘case’ with strategic words, selectively chosen emphasis with your tones, and the right body language…
You can bypass limiting beliefs that hold people back and speak directly to the unconscious mind to persuade and influence anyone, no matter what your desired outcome is.
Numbers and stats don’t lie…
I’ve generated over $50 million dollars in the last 5 years alone using persuasion and influence skills, and you can do the same too.
Now I know what you’re thinking…
“Is it Ethical to Persuade Others to Make That Much Money?”
Look, persuasion is what makes the world turn.
Persuasion is the skill at the root of all monumental success. It’s how businesses thrive, how marketers and advertisers sell billions of dollars’ worth of products, how movies and books are created… persuasion is what drives innovation and creates ACTION.
Heck, persuasion is at the foundation of every relationship from picking up a cutie at a bar, to marriage and even how parents raise their children and managers motivate a team… because persuasion is simply the art of inspiring action.
Persuasion isn’t ‘good’ or ‘bad’, persuasion is an instrument.
More importantly, it’s the single most vital instrument for ANYONE who wants to achieve success… in any area of life, whether it’s personal or professional success.
And if you think you’ve never been persuaded, then you REALLY need to read this next part.
Because I’m going to show you the secrets of persuasion in action.
I’m hosting a LIVE training event to show you my Master PROsuasion™ strategies, so you can immediately implement these methods to realize your goals and achieve massive success.
In this live training, I’ll share my most closely-guarded secrets on persuasion and influence, for the first time ever.
These strategies are the game-changer that take you from zero to hero. It’s essentially like me giving you access to my top-secret drawer that’s been under lock and key in my desk for years, so you can ‘steal’ my files and achieve whatever it is you really want.
In a nutshell, at the Master PROsuasion™ live training you’ll find out:
  • How to Immediately Identify the 4 Personality Types So You Can Establish an Instant Connection with Anyone.
  • How to Lead Prospects to Reveal Hot Buttons and Play Off Their Triggers So You Can Get What You Want, Every Single Time.
  • How to Unconsciously Walk Your Prospects Through a Systemized Process, So You Can Consistently Close ANY Deal.
  • How to Win Negotiations, Sell ANYTHING to ANYBODY, and Raise Money by Creating Mutually Beneficial Outcomes… So You Can Explode Your Bottom-Line Results.
I just finished a closed-door Master PROsuasion™ event last weekend, (after a local construction company hired me for $50,000 to teach their sales team for 2 days), and the results were absolutely unreal.
And now I want to share these secrets with you!
No matter what your goals are, Master PROsuasion™ shows you how to achieve it. And at the webinar, you’ll get my actionable, hands-on methods, so you can immediately implement action steps to exponentially achieve at an accelerated rate, on a much higher scale than ever before.
But first…
WARNING: I will show you strategies that are so powerful, they should be illegal (although marketers and advertisers have been using these for decades!).
We’re talking about essentially putting people into a ‘trance’ by speaking directly to the unconscious mind, putting them in a BOX that only has one logical exit, and that’s to take action you want them to.
I am ONLY TEACHING this to help you, and for you to help others.
If you want to know this so you can ethically persuade others for mutual benefit, then this is the secret sauce you need.
If you want to ‘manipulate or mislead’ people, or have ANY malicious intent, DON’T.
Persuasion won’t bring long-term success if you have the wrong intentions anyways.
I’ve hesitated to teach this for years now, because in the wrong hands, these strategies really are dangerous.
And if someone uses these strategies on you with ‘bad’ intentions, and you don’t know how persuasion works, you’re really in a world of trouble because you won’t know what hit you.
Until now, that is.
Because once you know how to recognize persuasion and influence, the spell is broken. You’ll be free to choose what you want, instead of getting played.
Really, EVERYONE should know these techniques because these are the exact same principles that big businesses have been using for years, to get you to buy stuff you don’t really want or need.
So when you do find out how these strategies work, you’ll not only know how to use persuasion to effectively influence and persuade others around you, you’ll also know when others are using them on you
And I’m going to share these secrets with you, at my Master PROsuasion™ LIVE event on Monday March 28, 2016 at 9pm (EST).
This webinar will not be recorded (because there’s no way I’m just letting a secret like this out all over cyberspace for just anybody to see!), so make sure to clear your schedule.
I’ve never taught this before and space is very, VERY limited on a first-come, first-serve basis.
I only kept 150 seats open to share this with the first action takers.
You literally have absolutely nothing to lose… and everything to gain.
This LIVE event will be full of content, so make sure you’re ready to take lots of notes.
And hey - before you go, thanks for reading this letter.
My entire life’s success has been built on the principles of Master PROsuasion™, and it’s my absolute pleasure to take you by the hand and show you everything I know about how to lead a prospect through my carefully crafted systematic process so you can achieve mutually beneficial outcomes and inspire action.
Persuasion is the force behind all achievements and advancements. It is the most important skill anyone can possess and it absolutely will change your life.
To can register now, Click here to reserve your spot. …. I promise you’ll love every minute of it…
PLUS, the whole thing is free :-)
Talk soon,
P.S. “Persuasion is the magic ingredient that will help you to forge ahead in your profession or business – and to achieve happy and lasting personal relationships.” – Napoleon Hill, Laws of Success
Napoleon Hill studied the world’s most successful people over a span of 20 years and he concluded that: ‘The Magic Ingredient for ALL Success Is… PERSUASION’.
Because ultimately, no matter what you’re trying to achieve, if you don’t know how to persuade and influence those around you, you are not going to get very far.
On the other hand, if you do know how to use persuasion and influence, you really can have your cake, and eat it too.
So don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime training, it won’t be recorded and space is available only on a first-come, first-serve basis.