How to Use ‘Old School’ Marketing to Make New Digital Marketing Effective And Boost Your Leads, Conversion and Sales.

Old school marketing has gotten a bad rep in the advent of digital marketing. The assumption is that old school marketing is outdated, irrelevant and just plain ineffective on the market today.

If you’re talking about a print yellow pages ad, you’re probably right. 

If you’re talking about the foundational tenets of old school best marketing practices, you couldn’t be more wrong. 

The most effective form of marketing today understands how to use old school marketing as a blueprint to create marketing platforms on new platforms.

Take social media for example.

A few of days ago I ran across an article written by AJ Agrawal, the CEO of Alumnify on how to effectively use social media as an entrepreneur. Agrawal writes:

“Now that online marketing has permeated into every corner of the economy, consumers have learned to be wary when they see an advertisement or claim from a business about the products and services they provide. More and more, people are relying on the opinions of other non-biased customers when they are forming opinions about companies. How other seemingly similar buyers review a product has become a staple in the buying process for other prospective customers.”

Word of mouth (a.k.a. social proof) is what he’s talking about – and that’s basically page one from the old school marketing playbook… 

Think about it.

Social Media as ‘Word Of Mouth’ Platform

Online reviews and social media posts give you and your clients the ability to get an “unbiased” report on your services.

In other words, social media is how word of mouth gets around today. Keep in mind, word of mouth doesn’t necessarily mean the spoken word, it’s merely an unbiased opinion from a friend or acquaintance. 

Most social media is really just a conversation… A friend posts a review of a new movie, you respond with a quick comment, someone comments on my comment and suddenly there’s a conversation going on with a complete written account for others to reference when looking for feedback before deciding what movie to see that night.

And just like old school word of mouth, some of it is very helpful but some of it can sink your ship. Gossip. Frustrated customers. Prior to the internet, a frustrated client could talk to a few people who would talk to a few people. Now, a post on social media can go viral to millions of people in the blink of an eye.

Research now shows that customers expect responses online within 1 hour! That means if you happen to miss a post on twitter and don’t have your notifications set up, that might result in a bad review. 

So how do you protect your online reputation?

Here’s a helpful starting point.

So the key is to protect your reputation, connect with new potential clients and engage with social media in a way that builds your business.

Simply by understanding how social media is the platform for word of mouth marketing today, you gain incredible insight into the power and engagement that’s expected of you and your business so you know how to “steal” old school marketing to use in digital efforts for marketing that knocks your clients socks off. 

That’s how you combine old school marketing wisdom with new digital marketing tactics.


Steve Martel
Steve Martel is a serial entrepreneur with over six multi-million dollar revenue-generating companies, with two worth over $10,000,000.00 each. Steve is a real estate wealth expert, a strategic business advisor, consultant, coach, and philanthropist. He directly influences more than 100,000 entrepreneurs annually and has helped the acquisition of over $350,000,000 of real estate in the past 3 years alone.