WARNING: We are NOT looking for ‘good’ employee’s, nor are we looking for teammates that will settle for ‘Great’. We’re looking for exceptional, standout individuals to embark on our mission to revolutionize the Real Estate industry & positively impact the lives of 100,000,000 people by 2040.  We work in a variety of fields in all aspects of real estate, and whether you are new to real estate, or a veteran, if you have a passion and a dream to make changes in this world, we have a place for you and we want you on our team!


Junior Word Artist

Do you Have the Ability to Express Passion through the written Word?


Do you genuinely enjoy helping people?…

Do you pride yourself in your uncanny ability to help a complete stranger achieve their dream?

Have you ever been told you’d be great in ‘sales or marketing’?

Can You Compel People to Take Action because it’s the right move but they seem to be so indecisive?

We strive to empower our team to run their own affairs, yet the companies actively help one another, and solutions to problems are often sources from within the group. In a sense, they form a coalition, with shared ideas, values, interest and goals, rather than completely separate entities.

Martel believes in making a difference. Real Estate is something that affects every person around the world, whether it be someone who is renting a home, owning a home, selling a home, looking for investments to create financial freedom, and not having a home, and everything in between. We stand for quality, proper evaluations to get the most with your money, innovation, and a sense of competitive challenge amongst our team members. We strive to achieve this by empowering our teams to continually deliver unbeatable customer experience.

At our core, we believe business must be a force for good and use its influence and resources to help find solutions to some of the world’s Real Estate Issues.

Martel Alliance, our House for a Home project, was founded to drive this change and house as many people in the world as we can, in the places that need it most due to destruction, poverty, and many other factors. Our recent projects have been centered around Haiti.

We give birth to new Martel companies regularily, and are always looking for new ways to change the Real Estate industry for the better, and to change the lives of all everyone we touch including our team members, clients, customers, investors, and the world at large.



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