The U.S. real estate recession has not discouraged Canadian investors, although the real estate market in Las Vegas has experienced one of the worst property declines in decades.

Many homeowners in this area have not had much to celebrate recently with the mortgage crisis and housing decline in full bloom. A quick view of the property landscape will reveal a U.S. real estate housing market littered with houses with “for sale” or foreclosure signs in the front yard.

Although the Las Vegas market may be viewed negatively by that average on-looker, the savvy investor can see the investment opportunities available within this forgotten market. Property sales have been increasing steadily, serving as evidence that this market is poised for a rebound. It is because of this that Canadian investors have begun looking at Las Vegas as a great U.S. real estate market to invest their capital and get the most out of their Canadian dollars.

Now is the perfect time for Canadian U.S. real estate investors to invest into the Las Vegas area.

Whether you are looking for a vacation home as a winter retreat or an investor looking for income and appreciation opportunities, Las Vegas is a great area to invest in for numerous reasons. Some great areas to consider in this area are Green Valley, Las Vegas and Henderson and numerous small residential communities outside of these areas.

Foreclosed properties in these areas continue to have a huge impact on the local real estate market in the Las Vegas area. There are numerous bargains to be found in this area for qualified Canadian investors.  U.S. real estateThe housing market shows that there has been a huge increase of foreign investors in Las Vegas with Canadian investors leading the way.  The Las Vegas area has been experiencing a depressed property market, which has in return provided Canadian investors with wonderful opportunities for investment.

Although Canadian U.S. investors have been leading the way with investing in the Las Vegas area, there have been other foreign investors jumping into the U.S. real estate market as well.

It has been seen that Chinese investors are purchasing vacation homes throughout the U.S. real estate market, including Las Vegas. Savvy investors are jumping at the chance to invest in the Las Vegas market and you should be too.

Overall, Canadian snowbirds are finding numerous opportunities to escape the winters of Canada and instead opt vacation homes in Las Vegas or the surrounding communities. There is a huge supply of available properties in Las Vegas for not only Canadians investors to capitalize on, but anyone who wants to take advantage of the current buyers market which haven’t been seen in decades.

Steve Martel – U.S. Real Estate