Unbelievably, many things have changed within our economy. The best one of these facts is that Canadian money is proving more worth in comparison to the high and mighty American dollar.  This has influenced a huge interest in American Real Estate from Canadian home buyers and investors.

If you’re wondering when this trend will likely end the answer is it is not going to end anytime soon, which is amazing when it comes to investing in U.S. real estate.

Not unlike other markets, the baby boomers have affected the Real Estate industry considerably and with the number of Canadian “boomers” retiring, it is no wonder that they are flocking to Real Estate purchases in the United States.  Real Estate regions such as Arizona, Texas and Florida are “hot spots” for snowbirds from Canada.

Homeowners of U.S. real estate are divided evenly on this topic.

Half are rejoicing in the increased real estate sales from Canadians, and the other half aren’t buying into this obvious trend.  Real Estate in the US attracts Canadians due to their ever-rising prices of real estate in Canada.  The US Real Estate market has experienced its increases however, and recently the US real estate market is tapering back down which proves attractive for Canadian homebuyers and investors. Retirement communities have proved quite appealing for retired Canadians. States such as Florida, Texas and Arizona are proven hot spots for “snowbirds” from Canada.  These particular US states boasts beautiful and exciting golfing, tennis and luxurious communities at a fraction of the cost Canadians would pay for such amenities in Canada.U.S. real estate

U.S. real estate has proved scary for numerous US investors and home buyers.

It may seem like Canadians are taking full advantage of the American turmoil with investing our Canadian dollars in U.S. real estate.  What is typically expensive for American families and investors, Canadians are viewing as opportunity. Some Americans might not approve of this fact. But simply put, Canadians are continually seizing opportunity for investment. Why would anyone ignore this great time to invest into U.S. real estate?  We Canadian’s are simply pouring our hard-earned cash into investments that eventually help pour funds into the American Real Estate Industry.

American home sellers should be wise enough to target this influx of investors from Canada. U.S. real estate agents in the areas mentioned above have already discovered the purchasing power of Canadians seeking to re-locate or invest into particular states, but also everywhere else in the United States.  As a majority, the U.S. real estate industry welcomes the Canadian dollar and promises to work with Canadians providing affordable housing and investment opportunities.

Steve Martel – U.S. Real Estate