Technology is a powerful and crucial tool to use for your success. Learn how to leverage technology effectively. 

Technology changes. Really quickly.

Seems like every 2 years or less, we’re undergoing major technology changes. For entrepreneurs, it’s key to stay on top of the latest and greatest innovations to keep a pulse on the marketplace and connect with your audience.

Here’s a quick look back to about 10 years ago:

  1. Wikipedia was still an experiment – for serious stuff you looked into Encyclopedia Britannica
  2. The term Web 2.0 had not yet been coined
  3. There was no Gmail
  4. Social Media or Social Networking was not invented – so obviously no Facebook
  5. Google IPO was still 2 years away
  6. Apple had just reported a loss of 25 million USD
  7. iPod has just been launched – iPhone and iPad where nowhere in sight
  8. The leader in mobile phones was Nokia, Motorola, Samsung & Siemens – no BlackBerry yet

So how does an entrepreneur keep up?

I think most people would agree that the answer to that question is ‘with a significant degree of difficulty’. But you absolutely need to try.

Technology can be a huge asset to our businesses. Ignoring it can be a recipe for disaster. So we do our best to stay current with the latest business tech advances.

I focus primarily on the advances in the marketing sector. That’s because marketing is the key to my business, especially digital marketing. And there have been some amazing new tools developed in just the last several months.

Small Business Trends recently published an article highlighting 31 advances in digital marketing that focuses on how to achieve success in your local market.

“Creating a digital marketing strategy for a local business is quite different than creating one for an online-only business. Your local digital marketing strategy should specifically target and appeal to potential customers in your geographic area.”

And if for some reason you’ve had your head in the sand, let’s just reiterate that yes, you absolutely need to be mobile-optimized.

“Customers who are looking for a restaurant, store or other local business are likely to do a search on their phone or mobile device. If you don’t have a mobile optimized site, not only will it be difficult for them to interact with your site, but it will also be difficult for them to find it in the first place.”

Great advice. Great article.

Steve Martel
Steve Martel is a serial entrepreneur with over six multi-million dollar revenue-generating companies, with two worth over $10,000,000.00 each. Steve is a real estate wealth expert, a strategic business advisor, consultant, coach, and philanthropist. He directly influences more than 100,000 entrepreneurs annually and has helped the acquisition of over $350,000,000 of real estate in the past 3 years alone.