We’ve all heard the saying, “work smarter NOT harder” but actually implementing that can be difficult (not impossible mind you, just difficult).


The truth is: most people (especially entrepreneurial U.S. real estate investor types) associate success with hard work. Implementing ‘smart work’ means you have to re-evaluate and prioritize tasks. The people who are able to implement ‘smart work’ end up accomplishing more than even seems possible, just by continuously maximizing their efforts (did you know top-level execs and CEO’s typically ‘work’ only 45 minutes a day!)

If I didn’t use techniques to boost my productivity, I wouldn’t have enough time to enjoy life with my wife, take care of my 3 kids, successfully operate my U.S. real estate investments and businesses successfully. Period.

Wanna a shortcut for you work day?

Just think of all the time and energy you exert in a given work week for your time. By working smarter, you will re-define the value of your time. To maximize the value of your time, you need to understand how to turn hard work into smart work. Personally, my U.S. real estate career has so many in’s and out’s, I had to use these strategies and quickly discovered how to ‘work smart’.

Here are 5 ways top level pros implement ‘smart work’:

1.     Focus.

If You Try to Do All Things, You Dilute Your Effectiveness. It’s very important to know where, how and what, in specific, you need to get done and what you can delegate. Stick to a few tasks so you can stay focused and efficient with your efforts.

2.     Simplify.

You Must Make It EASY and FUN for People to Do Business With You. If your message is hard to understand, if you are hard to do business with, if people have to go out of their way, they won’t stick around to give you a second chance.

3.     Systemize.

The ONLY Way to Transform Your ‘Job’ Into a Business is to Work ON Your Business Rather Than IN it. If all you ever do is “Do, Do, Do”, you’ll never gain the perspective of how to DO BETTER. Develop the ‘big picture’ mentality by creating systems that are more time efficient and simple.

4.     Leverage.

The ONLY Way to Avoid Trading Your Time For Money is to Understand and Use the Concept of Leverage. Leverage is the power to maximize your results with the least amount of energy, time, money & risk. You can leverage people, technology, knowledge, tools…look for what resources you aren’t maximizing.

5.     Repeat.

Without a System, You Will Reinvent the Wheel Every Time. Effective systems will save you time and money, and help you achieve consistent and predictable results. Human beings are creatures of habit so once you have a good system in place, it will become second nature to use it and streamline your productivity.

Do you know what busy work is? Busy work is the type of task that takes up time and energy to finish that essentially amounts to a waste of time. Stop wasting your time and hard work on busy work and use these 5 steps to immediately boost your bottom line. Like most things, it’s a practice, but it will become easier and easier over time until it is completely engrained.